Développeur d'application multimédia (Multimedia Application Developper)

Interactif (Interactive)
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The multimedia application developer Level 2 uses their knowledge in programming and 3D design for the development of applications or real-time 3D plugins. They also use and integrate diverse platforms, software applications and external materials into more complex systems.

They must stay up to date in their knowledge of the latest technological development, and possess strong analytical and research abilities in order to apply new techniques in the areas of sensing and interactive media. Their responsibilities also include keeping written documentation of the research conducted and applications created.


1. Contribution to the development of a 3D graphics application:
- Familiarity with software development tools (SVN, Bug tracking tools)
- Building links to external software and peripheral hardware.
- Support and debug when the software is used on client projects
- Internal support to the development team and interns

2. Participation in the process of tool creation for internal and department use:
- Expressing creative technical solutions;
- Validating ideas with a level 3 multimedia application developer who provides technical guidance.

3. Design tools for facilitating the use and integration of internally developed software.

4. Technological awareness: must always be aware of the latest technologies and latest developments in the area of multimedia.

5. Acting as a resource to the team within one’s area of expertise:
- Training, accompanying or helping in the building of a product in line with one’s pre-existing or acquired expertise;
- Ability to draw from one’s professional background according to the needs of diverse internal projects and client projects

- Bachelor degree in software engineering or any other related field
- Functional level of professional French and English, both written and spoken;
- One to two years of experience in software development (internship experiences are not considered)
- Experience with SCRUM management or any agile method of management
- Experience in a field related to visual arts and the multimedia domain is considered an asset;
Programming Abilities:
- Command of C++ / STL / multithreading;
- Command of C# and .net library;
- Knowledge of the boost library is an asset;
- Knowledge of the languages Java, Python and LUA is an asset;
- Knowledge of the WPF library is an asset;
- Experience in user interface design;
- Knowledge of real-time 3D DirectX / OpenGL is an asset;
- Knowledge of shaders is an asset;

Research Abilities:
- Integration of new technologies and algorithms including sensors and display technologies;
- Design of experimental concepts and analysis of results;
- Discovery and evaluation of new technologies that could be useful in the context of interactive media.

- Critical thinking, and attention to detail;
- Strong problem solving and analysis abilities;
- Good organizational and time-management abilities;
- Ability to motivate people;
- Communication and writing abilities;
- Works well in a team context;
- Ability to function within a rapidly changing environment.

Prolonged work in front of a computer.

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NOTE: The masculine is used in this publication without prejudice for the sake of conciseness.