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The job description is in English only because speaking French is not a requirement for the Tokyo office.
Moment Factory is a multimedia studio based in Montreal with a full range of production expertise under one roof. Our team combines specialists in video, lighting, architecture, sound, and special effects to create remarkable experiences. Since its inception in 2001, Moment Factory has created more than 400 unique shows and destinations. Productions span the globe and include such clients as the Los Angeles Airport, Nine Inch Nails, Microsoft, NFL, Sony, Toyota, the City of Barcelona, Madonna, and Royal Caribbean Cruises.
Under the management of the Tokyo Office Director, the Producer has the responsibility to define and establish a project’s overall strategy. They negotiate the terms of the contract with the client and once the project is signed, ensure a smooth client experience from conception to delivery, which includes after sale support to the client.
They represent Moment Factory and manage client relationships while ensuring efficient communication between the latter and the production team. They demonstrate advanced proficiency in English and in Japanese Business language and culture. Planning, organizing and supervising are part of their day-to-day tasks along with risk management and advising internal teams with clear recommendations.
They provide strategic vision and expertise in the development of multimedia projects (Theme Parks, Resorts, Retail and other permanent Destination installations) with an understanding of the regional markets in order to facilitate, accelerate and focus the presence of MF in Asia. Working closely with the business development team, they ensure effective promotion and representation of Moment Factory according to the strategies and objectives defined by the Director of the Regional office.
They are a person with highly remarkable leadership, negotiation and interpersonal skills; a strongly talented communicator and a positive influencer.                           
1.     Responsible for the overall management and delivery of assigned projects
·        Define and establish the project’s overall strategy: planning, organizing and supervising;
·        Service proposals, contracts, budget breakdowns, schedules, processes and objectives;
·        Identify and analyze available resources (in-house teams, expertise, etc.) for the realization of the project;
·        Identify and analyze project’s potential risks, minimizing them as much as possible;
·        Communicate to Tokyo Office Director the project’s high-risks;
·        Research and identify optimal suppliers for the project;
·        Prepare the project’s contractual and administrative documents, in collaboration with all internal participants;
·        Plan and release billing while ensuring payment follow-up with client;
·        Assign tasks and delegate to Project Managers according to the established strategy and available expertise;
·        Manage client relations, represent the project and empower the teams;
·        Supervise the project’s evolution and ensure a smooth operation by initiating valuable advice and recommendations to the teams (technical objectives, efficiency, etc.);
·        Ensure on-budget delivery, with a constant follow-up on costs and overall project progress;
·        Elaborate the project post-mortem in collaboration with the involved teams;
·        Plan and organize the project’s archival storage during the project;
·        Act as an expert and positive influencer: assist, train and accompany in relation to the required expertise.
2.     Strategic partnerships, representation and business development
·       Identify, develop and maintain business relationships with current and potential clients;
·       Network and actively participate in professional events in targeted industry;
·       Develop and maintain a network of selected professionals in prescribed industries (architecture, design, urbanism, event, etc.);
·       Validate potential project’s feasibility and profitability based on client needs and technical information;
·       Prepare service proposals in collaboration with legal team and presentations to current and potential clients.
·       Advanced proficiency in English and Japanese. Proficiency in French or other Asian languages a plus;
·       Applicants must hold a valid residence/visa status and possess a valid Residence Card;
·       Bachelor’s degree in Management and/or in one of Moment Factory’s field of activities (i.e. Design, Architecture, Set Design, Multimedia Environment);
·       More than 5 years of experience in a Management position within a creative environment in the entertainment industry, in multimedia or in another related field involving creative content and technology;
·       Good understanding of a project’s financial and juridical components: contracts, budgets, production costs, billing, taxing, intellectual properties, immigrants’ law, etc.;
·       Proficiency in MS Office & Mac environment (Word, Excel, Outlook, Keynote, etc.);
·       Understanding of each production phase and basic knowledge of multimedia technology; understanding conception software, 3D design, editing, etc., is a must.
·       Good marketing and negotiation skills;
·       Capacity to foresee international cultural trends and social phenomena and be on the look-out for avant-gardist activities within the industry;
·       Extended general knowledge applicable to the fields of activities of the company's clientele;
·       Knowledge of current competition and products available;
·       Demonstrated ability to handle and carry out multiple projects simultaneously, to work under pressure and in a team.
·       Entrepreneurial with strong and positive leadership;
·       Ability to make decisions, delegate, negotiate;
·       Excellent communicator who knows how to listen with extraordinary interpersonal skills that can be adapted to the needs of customers from various market sectors;
·       Effective and polite communication, with great integrity when it comes to other cultures and languages;
·       Drive and passion for their work and the team’s work;
·       Creative initiative with strong analytical mindset;
·       Autonomy with a great sense of priority/urgency and ability to work under pressure;
·       Attention to details and ability to meet deadlines;
·       Actively seeks solutions to problematic situations;
·       Skill in managing human and creative resources. 
·        Flexible work schedule, availability required outside of normal working hours;
·        1-2 months training in Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
·        Required Travel: Frequently.
At Moment Factory, we work hard because we believe in the potential of bringing people together to experience emotions, create connections and form powerful memories. To design these memorable moments, we favour the collaborative work of multidisciplinary talents, all united by the same passion. It is the meeting of minds and talent that creates sparks. That's why we're looking for inspired and inspiring people who are always eager to learn, share, and reinvent themselves.
If you think this position is for you, we invite you to apply now. We will not be able to follow up with each candidate, so we will only contact the selected individuals. Thank you for considering a career at Moment Factory. We are looking forward to meeting you!

For more information: tokyo@momentfactory.com

NOTE: The masculine is used in this publication without prejudice for the sake of conciseness.