Senior Front End Engineer

San Francisco
Software & Electronics Team
About Momentum Machines:
Backed by Khosla & Google Ventures, we're a robotics company aiming to revolutionize the dining experience. Right now, we've created a robot that makes fresh gourmet food with high-quality ingredients from scratch. You’d join a team from institutions including Berkeley and Stanford and firms like Tesla and NASA, alongside our culinary team, which contains veterans of Chez Panisse and Fat Duck.

When you’re doing something nobody has ever done before, the old ways can frequently come up short. At Momentum Machines, you’ll get the opportunity to be creative, to try, to fail, to learn and to succeed. You will have an appetite for risk,  because that’s how we leap ahead together.

About the role: You’ll develop websites for desktop and mobile that are the interface to the world's first gourmet food producing robots. Applications include web ordering, point-of-sale, human/machine interfaces, and kiosks. You’ll guide front-end technology stack selection, and you’ll roll up your sleeves and help develop multi-tier applications that span mobile, cloud, and robot. As our first front-end engineer, this is a role with significant growth ahead.

You are:

    • Pioneering: You’re excited to take creative control of a greenfield project and to be among the first to revolutionize how people eat. You take risks to innovate, and know how to balance risk against limited resources and time. You drive a culture of problem solving from first principles, and you keep abreast of technologies and trends that may multiply our effort.
    • Autonomous: You take initiative and pitch in where it helps the most. You play well with software developers and designers but will go solo when necessary. You carve your own path and are driven to do your best. You also communicate well (with humans).
    • Growth-minded: You promote genuine personal growth and growth in others. You frequently refine your view of product, engineering, and leadership. You enable constructive feedback and actionable suggestions to flow freely between colleagues.
    • A front-end developer: You’ve rolled up your sleeves and made something awesome. You’ve got software chops and a portfolio to show it. You start from a blank slate, you chose the technology stack that best fits the product and timeline, and you leverage off-the-shelf as often as possible. You’re up-to-speed on the latest technology trends. You're a developer with experience deploying from wireframes to production environments. You’re familiar with more than one front-end framework (Angular, Backbone, React, Bootstrap, Ember, etc) and can compare and contrast them.
    • User-oriented: You design for the user above all else. You plan and execute frequent user research and A/B testing. You’re familiar with modern UI, UX and front-end design philosophies and the latest frontend technologies.
    • Visually articulate: You can translate design insights and user needs into beautiful, functional UIs. You have strong opinions on what looks good and what doesn't.
    • Intellectually curious: You’re curious to learn more about the internet of things (IoT), mechatronics, robotics and food service automation.
    • A foodie.
    • [nice to have] An experienced mobile developer: You’re proficient in either IOS or Android development, you know your way around a cloud hosting platform, and you’re not afraid of dipping your toes in front-end when needed.

You will:

    • Lead the selection of our front-end technology stack: our guests are agnostic to language, framework, database and hosting platform. You’ll lead the process to select the technology stacks that get us to market and deliver the best guest experience. We currently have a backend microservices architecture in Ruby on Rails. We’ve prototyped user interfaces in React (but we’re not married to it).
    • Build front-ends from the ground-up: our current team consists of one senior backend architect. You’ll drive the front-end technology stack selection, and you’ll work closely with our backend architect to integrate and refine our APIs. You’ll write code, and tests, and will be deeply technical. You’ll use your expertise in HTML, Javascript, CSS and front-end frameworks.
    • Execute on design: you’ll work with our guest experience team to create user personas, wireframes, and graphical assets. You’ll connect the vision set out by our CEO and guest experience team to the UIs in our web and mobile apps.
    • Help where needed: We’re a small startup. We each “wear a lot of hats” and fill many roles outside our area of focus. You will too.
    • You needn’t know robotics or embedded: we’ve got an awesome robotics and mechatronics team.

To apply:

    • Send a resume and cover letter that convinces us you’re human and you care about what we do.
    • Send an example of your work: GitHub profiles, portfolio websites, personal projects or products you have worked on.
Momentum Machines doesn’t discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. We’re committed to being a team that reflects a broad range of experience, thought, geography, age, background, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture and many other characteristics. We’re also committed to working with awesome people.