Product Manager of Mobile

San Francisco
Software & Electronics Team

About Momentum Machines:
Founded in 2009 and located in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, Momentum Machines is a small collective of food lovers and engineers with decades of robotics and restaurant experience. In the past five-plus years, we’ve solved many difficult engineering and manufacturing challenges, helped each other grow, and built some interesting intellectual property.
Our first device makes gourmet burgers from scratch. Not only do we grind the meat to order, we also slice tomatoes, onions, pickles, and a brioche roll fresh for you. Accented by an infinitely personalizable variety of produce, seasonings, and sauces, you can get exactly what you’re craving. Serving a burger this great at such affordable prices would be impossible without culinary automation.

We’re building an engineering-focused group of analytic and creative individuals. The team consists of roboticists from institutions including Berkeley and Stanford and firms like Tesla and NASA. Our culinary team contains veterans of  Chez Panisse and Fat Duck. Our advisors include experts across fields like engineering, culinary, design, intellectual property, and even a NRN Restaurant Operator of the Year Award winner. Additionally, we’re further advised and supported by some of the top investors in the Silicon Valley.

About the role: You’ll drive development of restaurant and mobile applications for the world's first gourmet food producing robots. Applications include mobile and web ordering, point-of-sale, human/machine interfaces, APIs, and kiosks. You’ll create product roadmaps, oversee user research, execute go-to-market strategies, and will build a long-term platform strategy. You’ll work closely with a world-class development team.

About the Team That’s Hiring: The guest experience team is focused on the future of how people dine. We are responsible for creating beautiful interactions across every digital and physical touchpoint. We are the team that connects machines to guest experience, working on cloud applications one day and mechatronics the next. We are highly cross-functional and adept learners. We bring robotics to life and delight to our guests.

You are:

    • Pioneering: You’re excited to take creative control of a greenfield project and to be among the first to revolutionize how people eat. You take risks to innovate, and know how to balance risk against limited resources and time.
    • Autonomous: You take initiative and pitch in where it helps the most. You carve your own path and are driven to do your best.
    • Growth minded: You promote genuine personal growth and growth in others. You frequently refine your view of product management. You thrive in an environment of feedback.
    • User oriented: You design for the user above all else. You do frequent user research and testing. You know the star rating of your apps in the app store.
    • Design focused: You know good design when you see it. You’re versed in sketching and wireframing software. You follow design principles. You work well with creative people. You have a deep understanding of the artistic process.
    • Visually articulate: You can translate design insights and user needs into product requirements. You have strong opinions on what looks good and what doesn't.
    • Data driven: You’ve used quantitative data to change product direction. You iterate in the marketplace and adjust strategy based on what you learn. You interview your users. You can analyze data, infer meaning and present succinct results.
    • Focused on results: You plan, measure and reflect. You’re effective at implementing change. You’re practical and down-to-earth. You strive for perfection but you won’t allow perfect to impede progress. You’re comfortable with ambiguity and seek clarity where needed.
    • An experienced product manager: You’ve launched multiple web or mobile products, and your tenure includes a complete product lifecycle.

You will:

    • Connect vision to design: You’ll connect the vision set out by our founding team to the UIs in our web and mobile apps. You’ll work closely with in-house designers and third-party partners. You’ll drive UI and UX paradigm selection.
    • Take the baton and run with your own vision: Our vision is pretty cool but we’re sure that you’re going to be coming up with a lot of great ideas that we haven’t even thought about. We’re looking for someone who can see the future. How will people interact with and discover food in the future? How will people control sophisticated devices to get exactly what they want? You’ll spend a lot of time ideating about what the future could be.
    • Perform customer discovery: You’ll rub shoulders with customers. You’ll listen to them with empathy when testing new product concepts. You’ll find out who your current customers are and who will be your future customers.
    • Define minimum viable product: You’ll work closely with our guest experience team to create product requirements documents. You’ll identify stakeholders to determine MVP feature sets. You’ll be the gatekeeper who prevents unnecessary feature creep, and when necessary feature requests come in late (we are a startup after all), you’ll work hard to say “yes”.
    • Launch successful apps: You’ll sign off on quality, design and flow. You’ll create the go-to-market strategy and launch plans.
    • Create product roadmaps: You’ll take disparate brainstorms and input from our guest experience team and synthesize them into realistic product roadmaps for web and mobile. You’ll identify stakeholders and seek advice to guide milestones and schedules.
    • Growth hack: You’ll experiment frequently and rapidly. You’ll be data-driven where possible, but you’ll shoot from the hip when needed. You’ll use A/B testing to gather data and build intuition. You’ll directly influence product direction and the impact it has on how we eat.
    • Help where needed: We’re a small startup. We each “wear a lot of hats” and fill many roles outside our area of focus. You will too.

To apply:

    • Send a resume and cover letter that convinces us you’re human and you care about what we do.
    • Bonus: GitHub profiles, portfolio websites, personal projects or products you have worked on.

Momentum Machines doesn’t discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. We’re committed to being a team that reflects a broad range of experience, thought, geography, age, background, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture and many other characteristics. We’re also committed to working with awesome people.