Infrastructure Engineer

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering /
Fully Remote
About Monad:

Monad’s mission is to effect real change in the security space by empowering humans with the tools they need to solve the thorniest cybersecurity problems. 

As a remote company, Monad thrives on collaboration, teamwork, and a transparent environment of proactive communication and responsiveness. We are a company made up of humans, and value and respect both our professional and personal spaces. Family, health, and general well-being are key values.

We make security data accessible to regular humans. Join our team and help build this transformative data platform!

About the role:
Companies trust us with their security data. It’s up to us to think about novel ways to help them gain insight from their data. 

As an Infrastructure Engineer, you will join a small team with a lot of authority to dictate how to grow our company’s infrastructure. Your role will involve helping to seamlessly drive large amounts of customer data to the right places, creating failure domains to contain problems, and deploying product versions to different environments. You’ll partner with our development teams to create an infrastructure that is coupled with the code, and vice versa, and you’ll work with the Security team to advance our internal security posture and certifications (SOC 2, GDPR, etc.).

This isn't just a reactive "watch and fix things if they break" role - you'll be building and collaborating, thus contributing to a solid technical foundation.

Monad is headquartered In San Francisco, but we work in a fully remote environment. Our team is currently distributed across the US, Europe, and Australia. #LI-Remote

Your responsibilities will include:

    • Evolving infrastructure.
    • Partitioning data stores, traffic, and environments.
    • Making infrastructure more scalable and secure.
    • Adding monitoring and metrics.
    • Removing single points of failure.
    • Making sure that our software developers have the tools they need to do their work as efficiently as possible.
    • Technical documentation is a core feature of our development work, both for internal and external use.

We're looking for teammates who have:

    • At least 5 years of experience in a related role
    • Experience with AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Python, Node, and relational databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
    • The ability to dive into product codebases to identify issues and create patches against our code and who are comfortable understanding, modifying, and maintaining Python projects
    • Experience with GitHub/GitLab workflows and associated automation (e.g. GitHub Actions).
    • GCP (Google Cloud Project) experience (recommended)
    • Knowledge of relevant operational tools (e.g. logging, monitoring, observability, and SRE fundamentals)
    • Excitement for working on the early stages of a product
    • Interest in cybersecurity is a plus although no experience needed

Technologies you'll be exposed to:

    • Kubernetes
    • AWS
    • Redshift
    • Snowflake
    • PostgreSQL
    • Prefect
- Medical
- Dental
- Vision
- Flex vacation
- Fully Remote
- 401K

Benefits will evolve over time. If you have recommendations, please let us know!