Senior IOS Engineer

London/Manchester (Hybrid) /
All Technology – iOS /
/ Hybrid
Our Ways of Working:
We believe that we do our best work when we are together, but also appreciate that everyone works in different ways. That’s why we operate with three working models which look to define where and how our people work - Remote, Hybrid, Site/Office - based. 

Although we believe the majority of our people will choose our hybrid working model (at least 2 days in the office each week), for some of our teams that don't require as much in-person connection and collaboration, we offer fully remote working (with paid travel to the Moonpig office up to 6 times per year).  Remote roles are specified directly on our job adverts

Work with us
At Moonpig Group our mission is to help people connect and create moments that matter. We are an international group made up of two brilliant brands – Moonpig in the UK, US and Australia, and Greetz in the Netherlands.

We’re now growing the team to work towards an even more ambitious goal of reaching 25 million customers. To help get us there, we’ll be developing some cool tech innovations. Two projects we’ll bring to life this year include augmented reality/video cards and pre-personalisation; the latter aiming to provide a richer browsing experience for our customers via the automatic translation of customer data into personalised cards and gifts across multiple galleries.  

But the magic does not stop there. Our architecture is built for scale and flexibility which will allow us to quickly innovate and launch new propositions -- coupling that with the wealth of data we have on our customers, the sky's the limit in the world of experimenting with cutting edge ideas. 

Moonpig is a hidden gem in terms of our culture. Check out our tech culture and benefits as well as our 4.0 rating and reviews on Glassdoor for a view on how great it is to work here!

About the Apps Team
The app teams at Moonpig are small and dynamic and are comprised of both iOS and Android Engineers. Our Engineers all come together in order to create experiences that we ship to customers. We share experiences, support each other when capturing requirements and discussing UX, and generally do whatever we can to help each other move tickets to done! We are solely responsible for all phases of the software development lifecycle and celebrate team delivery over individual brilliance.

We use data, A/B testing and user feedback to drive what we do next and we are collectively responsible for defining, building, testing and monitoring the features we ship. We are looking for someone who is curious, willing to learn and feels comfortable sharing their perspectives and experiences in order to help shape the future of the Moonpig apps.

Our tech environment:

    • SwiftUI & UIKit
    • Swift
    • Combine & async/await
    • Swift Package Manager
    • GitHub for source code management and continuous integration
    • Apollo / GraphQL
    • Fastlane
    • We don't expect you to have experience with all of the technologies above, so please apply if you have most of them :)

How we get there:

    • Kanban
    • Jira / Confluence
    • Firebase / Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager
    • MVVM-C
    • Pair programming
    • Unit / Snapshot / UI testing

Our expectations of our Senior Engineers:

    • Good engineering comes first: First and foremost, we are always striving for good engineering and this is so much more than just writing good, clean code. It’s a way of thinking about your code, domain, peers, supporting processes and the entire ecosystem in which you operate. You should be learning how this all fits together and focusing on your contribution towards it.
    • Focus on delivery: Delivery is fundamental to great engineering, it’s why we write software after all. You will build up a solid understanding of what good delivery looks like, how to work in high performing teams, what makes good team dynamics and how the collective process contributes towards fast, incremental delivery.
    • Learn and grow: You will be continuously growing your engineering skills and ensuring you are surrounding yourself with people that can help you do this. Understand the core differences between coding, craft and architecture and how they are applied at scale. You are evolving to a world in which you are responsible for part of the technical estate, so make sure you are growing to take on this challenge with confidence.
Want to hear more? 
Find out more about Moonpig Group and what it has to offer here!
Moonpig’s Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity 

At Moonpig Group, we’re committed to creating an inclusive and caring culture with brilliant people who feel a real sense of belonging. We welcome and celebrate all diverse backgrounds to Moonpig Group, from working parents who need flexibility with their hours to individuals who are neurodiverse and prefer to work a certain way. 
We’re proud to have several employee-led committees within our organisation, including the LGBTQ+ Committee, The Gender Balance Committee and our Moonpig Against Racism Committee. 
We’ll continue to push for diversity and that sense of belonging so that all Moonpig Group employees feel safe and comfortable to be their true authentic self at work.