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Our Future of Remote Working:
Here at Moonpig our people come first. As we grow and the world around us changes, we understand that we’ll need to adapt, which means that our ways of working will always remain dynamic. So while we plan to go back to the office in September, we won’t be returning the same way that we left back in March 2020. We’ve mastered the art of remote onboarding and are excited to introduce bespoke remote working options for all employees. And yes that’s exactly what it sounds like – if you want to work from home for 1-4 days a week or prefer a fully remote role, we’ll support what works best for you.

Moonpig Group achieved ‘Unicorn’ status in one of the biggest tech IPOs of 2021, making the FTSE 250 index of leading companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market cap of £1.5 billion. We’re now growing the team to work towards an even more ambitious goal of reaching 25 million customers. 

To help get us there, we’ll be developing some cool tech innovations. Two projects we’ll bring to life this year include augmented reality/video cards and pre-personalisation; the latter aiming to provide a richer browsing experience for our customers via the automatic translation of customer data into personalised cards and gifts across multiple galleries.  

But the magic does not stop there. Our architecture is built for scale and flexibility which will allow us to quickly innovate and launch new propositions -- coupling that with the wealth of data we have on our customers, the sky's the limit in the world of experimenting with cutting edge ideas. 

Moonpig is a hidden gem in terms of our culture. Check out our 4.7 rating on Glassdoor as well as info about our tech culture and benefits for a view on how great it is to work here!

We are looking to hire a Senior Engineer on our Editor team, which is responsible for making our cards and gifts more bespoke than ever through better preview experiences, more consistent rendering, and pre-personalisation.

Our tech stack:

    • Node.js., TypeScript, and GraphQL
    • AWS and Terraform
    • React, Next.js, Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress, TestCafe
    • Git VCS and GitLab CI

Our expectations of our Senior Engineers:

    • Good engineering comes first. You’ll have a great technical knowledge base and the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. We expect you to apply these skills in making the right decisions and applying best practices wherever possible.
    • Problem solving. You enjoy solving problems no matter how big or small and are motivated by this no matter the technology problem.
    • Learn and grow. You will be continuously growing your engineering skills and ensuring you are surrounding yourself with people that can help you do this. You understand the core differences between coding, craft and architecture and how they are applied at scale.
    • Culture and advocacy. You will be supporting a growth culture (e.g. running lunch & learns, brown bags, etc.) as well as advocating the organisation externally through meetups, blogging, hackathons etc. This is important to us as we are all in this together.

You'll be a great addition to the team if you:

    • Are experienced in Node.js, but you’re happy to work across multiple languages and ecosystems. We use TypeScript so knowledge/experience in this would be a bonus.
    • Have experience building cloud/serverless applications, either with AWS or a similar cloud suite.
    • Have experience with CI/CD and own your code from build through deployment to production support and monitoring.
    • Enjoy being part of a full-stack, cross-functional team, working closely with people of different specialisms within your team and across the business.
    • Are willing to challenge your own ideas; to try, fail, learn and repeat. You encourage others to do the same.
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Take a look at our Moonpig Attraction Deck where you can hear more about our awesome perks and benefits as well as a culture to boot.   
We are committed to equal employment opportunity and value diversity regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, maternity, disability, or gender identity.