Software Engineer (Mid Level)

Buyagift – Technology /
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About us:
Buyagift and Red Letter Days are the UK’s leading gift experience provider. Our core focus is to deliver happiness to our customers, suppliers, team and retail partners, we aim to do this by providing industry leading products. The iconic Red Letter Days brand was added to our portfolio in November 2017, and we are extremely proud to be part of the Moonpig Group since July 2022.Our people are a fundamental driver of our success. We place great importance on nurturing exceptional people as we firmly believe that our competitive advantage stems from the capabilities and potential of our workforce. Our People team helps to drive those efforts across the business. 

First a bit about the role: 
The Booking team at Buyagift and Red Letter Days is responsible for powering the seamless redemption process of vouchers across a multitude of services, from spa bookings to theatre experiences. We work with a broad array of technologies, including Azure, Terraform, TypeScript, C#, .NET Core, React, MobX, Storybook and more. We are passionate about creating intuitive and efficient booking journeys with responsive designs and robust back-end structures.

We are currently looking for a Software Engineer to join our dynamic team. You will have the notable chance to work on various exciting projects including the refreshed Hotel booking journey featuring a brand new UI using React, and an entirely new Gourmet booking journey which will entail building new APIs and integrating with new 3rd party suppliers.

In this role, you will be responsible for maintaining, updating, and developing new features for our software applications. This includes both back-end and front-end development tasks, with a special focus on improving the user experience. You will also work closely with the rest of the team and stakeholders to understand requirements, design new features, and ensure the high quality of our delivered solutions. You'll collaboratively help to maintain and improve our shared React Component library, and contribute to creating effective, efficient and secure serverless solutions.

A bit more about the role:

    • Develop Features Across Full Stack: You must be able to work effectively on both front-end and back-end development tasks. This includes designing, coding, testing, and supporting applications such as our Hotel and Gourmet booking journeys.
    • Refine User Journeys: Part of your role will involve refining and improving our user journeys by working closely with our Product Manager and  design team. This could involve creating a new user interface in React, improving the efficiency of an API call, or anything in between.
    • Work On Multiple Projects: You'll be expected to be able to manage your tasks effectively, as you'll sometimes be required to switch between different aspects of our projects, integrating with new APIs, developing new features or functionalities.
    • Collaborate: You will be collaborating with the team on the shared React Component Library to improve and extend it with new UI components when necessary.
    • Mentor and Learn: As part of our dedication to growth, you'll be expected to provide mentorship to junior team members as well as constantly learning and growing yourself.
    • Analyse: We will rely on you to analyse software performance and carry out necessary optimizations to ensure our applications are operating at their best.
    • Implement Serverless Solutions: A significant part of our infrastructure exists on Azure. You'll be playing a key role in developing and maintaining our serverless computing solutions on this platform.
    • Agile Working: We work in a fast-paced, agile environment. This means you'll be active in sprint planning, daily stand-ups, retrospectives, and other agile ceremonies.
    • Prioritise Security: You will be expected to always consider and prioritise the security of our software throughout the development lifecycle.

    • With these responsibilities, you'll play a key role in a team that's integral to our company's ability to provide its customers with a smooth booking experience.

And now a bit about you:

    • Experience: You have at least 3-5 years of experience in full-stack development, with a significant amount of this time spent working on both front-end and back-end systems on some of the technologies we use (Azure, Terraform, TypeScript, C#, .NET Core, React, Azure Functions, Azure Devops Pipelines, SQL Server, Azure Table Storage, Application Insights).
    • Skills: You have solid understanding of React with skills in C# and .NET Core on the backend, and you have experience in building and consuming APIs.
    • Familiarity with our toolset: You're familiar with SQL server and Azure Tables for data storage, and Azure for hosting and serverless solutions. You're familiar with Azure DevOps Pipelines for CI/CD and have an understanding of application monitoring using tools like Application Insights.
    • Problem-Solver: You are a natural problem solver with an inquisitive mind. You like to dig into issues, find out how things work and come up with creative solutions.
    • Collaborative mindset: You play well with others and believe that we can achieve more together. You have experience working in cross-functional teams and understand the value of open communication.
    • Continuous Learning: You're committed to learning new technologies and keeping up with the latest industry trends, sharing that knowledge with your team.
    • Commitment to High Standards: Finally, you are committed to maintaining high standards in all your work and are never satisfied with code that is ‘good enough’. We strive for excellence in our team, and we hope you do too.

Our Tech Environment

    • Technologies - Azure, Serverless, Terraform, TypeScript, C#, .NET Core, React, MobX, Storybook, Figma, Azure Functions.
    • Source Control and CI/CD - We use Azure DevOps Pipelines for continuous integration and continuous deployment and Azure Devops repositories for our source control management.
    • Cloud/Serverless Applications - We aim to build robust and performant cloud/serverless applications. Our focus is on seamless user experience and continuous business growth.
    • Data Storage - We use SQL Server and Azure Table Storage for data storage in our applications.
    • Monitoring - We utilise Application Insights and Azure Monitor to keep track of our application performance and troubleshoot potential issues.
    • Cross-Functional Teams - We work in cross-functional teams owning the entire software development life-cycle from discovery to delivery.

    • While we don't expect you to have experience with all of the above technologies, prior experience with .NET Core or React, along with cloud/serverless experience, would put you in good stead. Regardless of your exact experience, if you're committed to learning and working within a highly-collaborative team, we'd love to hear from you!
We live by our company core purpose of Delivering Happiness – Amazing People. We only hire amazing people like you, if this is you and if this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for, we would love to hear from you.
Our mission
For everyone in the UK to create unique memories that last a lifetime

Our vision
To be the most trusted platform in the UK gift experience market

Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
We’re committed to creating an inclusive and caring culture with amazing people who feel a real sense of belonging. We welcome and celebrate all diverse backgrounds - from working parents who need flexibility with their hours, individuals who are neurodiverse and prefer to work a certain way to those from underrepresented communities. We’re proud to have an employee-led group pushing the agenda on all things inclusive. And we will continue to strive for diversity and that sense of belonging so that each and every one of our team have a safe and comfortable environment in which they can be themselves and thrive at work.