System Developer

Full time
(We are sorry about the TLDR post but we had a hard time explaining how awesome you are and how much fun we could have together any shorter than this - We´re working on it)

Who we are
Mpya Digital is a newly formed consultancy company based out of Stockholm Sweden. Since our start in January 2018 we have grown to 35+ employees and we are just getting started.
We provide some of the most cutting-edge technology companies in Stockholm, and around the world for that matter, with developers who are not only great at writing code, but who are also great - sensitive, sharing, courageous, responsive, curious - human beings.
First and foremost, of all us are tech nerds who are dedicated to working with our passion and constantly improving ourselves and those around us.

What you will be doing
As a System Developer at Mpya Digital you will be assigned to one of our clients and integrate with their teams.
No matter what you bring to the table in terms of previous experience, Mpya is dedicated to finding you an assignment that will push your development and have you continue to learn on the job. We are fortunate enough to work with some of the most innovative and creative tech companies in the world. Together with them we create what can only be described as magic.

With the full support of our entire team at you back, you will use your expertise in new-development projects and solve problems together with the client team. We always want to deliver above expectations, this will occasionally require you to ask for help from you colleagues or fellow Mpyans. This is the core strength of our business and we are always, ALWAYS eager to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.

Who you are
We don’t care if you have a few years of experience or if you are joining us fresh out of university as long as you are passionate about what you do.

If you are who we hope you are, the term “social nerd” probably applies to you and you are proud to be called by this name. You love solving complex technical challenges and you enjoy the feeling of understanding how things actually fit together.

What separates you from others is your ability to be pragmatic about your work. You never look for quick fixes but rather seek the best and most effective way to build scalable products. “Happy go lucky” just isn’t the way you roll.

When are they going list what language expertise they are looking for? Well we won’t… We don’t care if you are into the functional languages or object-oriented ones. If backend is your passion then we want to help you reach, and surpass the goals you have set for yourself.

Most importantly you are as passionate as we are when it comes to the prospect of forming a new type of IT consultancy where work = Joy. You love to share your knowledge with others as well as to learn from those around you.

What we offer
We offer you the chance to be part of something truly amazing. We are a small team with ambitious plans to become the best place to work, period. This is an opportunity to join us on the ground floor and have a tangible impact on the way that Mpya Digital develops and matures over time. For the right candidate the limits of this role is truly non-existent, and we mean that.

Life is too short to work at a place that doesn’t bring you joy.

Joyn us.