Client Manager, Online Fundraising and Advocacy

Digital Fundraising & Advocacy
We need a client manager to be the center of the world for 2-4 amazing nonprofits, project managing the day-to-day for your clients, and keeping your crack team focused and humming along.

When you come work for us, here’s what you’ll find:

    • Work that is awesome. We are serious about working with clients who are changing the world and alleviating suffering. And, we say no to clients if we don’t believe in their cause or if we can’t help them.
    • Colleagues you can count on. Kind, dedicated, and pretty cool people who get things done, and help you to do your best, too.
    • A critical, fearless approach. Every day we say and do the things that must be said and done, even if the consequences aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs.
    • Creativity that just won’t quit. We want you to bring your wacky self to work every day. Not just because it’s fun, but because the craziest idea just might be the thing that works.

So that’s us. Now, about the work…

    • We run online advocacy and fundraising campaigns. Great big ones you read about in the news and tiny ones you’ve never heard of that are saving lives. Lots of politically progressive groups – Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters, PETA, Sierra Club, etc. Cultural organizations we love, like the Central Park Conservancy. And many causes that are working in the most dire situations in the world such as the American Red Cross and Oxfam.
    • Day-to-day, we’re figuring out how to recruit activists, influence policy, raise money, hold corporations accountable, make the most of news moments, and leave no crazy idea unconsidered that might engage regular people in the world around them.
    • The client manager, online fundraising and advocacy, is the center of the world for 2-4 nonprofits, project managing the day-to-day for your clients, and keeping your crack team focused and humming along.

Here’s what you’ll be doing on any given day:

    • Maintaining the client relationship. Staying in close contact with clients throughout the day via email and phone about all the big and little things going on, leading weekly check-in calls and presenting at big strategy meetings.
    • Overseeing the many details involved in launching campaigns using Convio or Salsa or another CRM your client uses.
    • Distilling email, web, advertising and social campaign results into the important lessons that could change how a campaign performs.
    • Drafting the best fundraising and advocacy email, social, and web copy in the business.
    • Reviewing and/or creating notes, plans, calendars, and reports for clients.
    • Managing your teams up and down to make sure we’re giving the best possible service to our clients.
    • Coming up with about 14 new ideas for petitions, quizzes, fundraising, ads, video, implanted chips, Google Glass or some other new technology or strategy that’s rolling around your giant brain.
    • Do your part to help us run smoothly - including carefully tracking all of your client hours as well as pitching in with small office management responsibilities.

And then there’s you…

    • You’ve benched your share of online advocacy and fundraising programs for nonprofits;
    • Have 5+ years experience under your belt;
    • Know how to use the most common technology our clients are using (Convio, Salsa, BSD, ad platforms, Facebook Insights, etc);
    • Kind of competitive and want to be the best. You thrive in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines and are always thinking two steps ahead of everyone else.
    • Not afraid to speak your mind – you continually suggest new ideas or ways to improve on old ideas or processes.
    • Detail oriented! There are a lot of details. You are the person that finds the typo no one else sees.
    • Wildly curious about what’s next in the world-changing-business and game to help us get there;
    • A true believer. You want to change the world. You are hopeful and helpful and ready to keep your boots on the ground and eye on the prize.

Salary, Benefits and Some Perks

    • One of our core values as a firm is that we take care of each other. Every employee shares in our success and in our profits, and we offer a great salary and benefits package:
    • Three weeks vacation as well as sick and personal days;
    • Generous health, dental and vision benefits;
    • 401(k) plan with employer match;
    • Flexible Spending Accounts for medical, dependent care and transit;
    • Professional development stipend;
    • There IS such a thing as free lunch here – on Fridays!
    • Weekly brainstorms where we cook up our most creative ideas;
    • All kinds of non-traditional benefits depending on which office you’re in. Records and record players. Snack breaks. Cold brew coffee on tap. 
The Fine Print
This position can be located in any of the following M+R offices:

• 11 Park Pl., New York, NY
• 1101 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC
• 9 Hamilton Place, Boston, MA

To apply, use the button on this page. No calls please. M+R will only contact candidates to schedule an interview.

Of course...
M+R is an equal opportunity employer and all applicants will be considered. As a firm we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn and work together to change the world. M+R is strengthened by our staff’s diversity, including race and ethnicity, social class, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, language, and so much more. We strongly encourage folks from underrepresented backgrounds to apply. We love, respect, and welcome you!

About M+R
M+R is 140 smart people who help nonprofits achieve real, lasting change. We mobilize supporters, raise money, and move the media, the public, and decision-makers. We only work with clients we believe in. We take risks. We work hard. We’re leaders, we’re organizers, and we don’t stop until we win.