Team Lead - Electrical Engineering

Suwanee, GA, USA
2 - Robot System Integration – System Integration Team /
Full Time, ENG JD /
Mujin is the future of industrial robotic systems in production and distribution environments. Our technology gives robots perception and awareness, enabling them to take on more advanced tasks. Our aim is to revolutionize the use of robotics within industry to free human resources from labor intensive tasks to focus on more intellectual challenges. 

Mujin is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Electrical Engineering Team Lead. The role requires strong leadership and technical abilities and an understanding of electrical, controls and robotics systems. We are looking for a professional who can provide integration support for robotic system solutions, with responsibility in tracking test plans, schedules, and associated deliverables for multiple concurrent projects while managing team resources and balancing needs in a dynamic, fast paced working environment. 


    • Communicate technical project status with project managers and company leadership 
    • Maintain project execution critical path to ensure projects are delivered on time 
    • Understand and meet project budget requirements set at onset of each project 
    • Act as a project lead for the team, leading with clear communication of goals and deadlines 
    • Actively manage team workload, task prioritization, and project allocation 
    • Monitor and evaluate the performance of team members 
    • Develop and maintain electrical and controls engineering processes as needed by company projects 
    • Foster design documentation for all input requirements, calculations, analysis, tolerance stacks, as well as provide detailed installation manuals for all relevant sub-systems  
    • Assist in the installation and integration via hands-on approach when needed as to ensure seamless integration into overall systems 
    • Troubleshoot deployment of design and record feedback driving lessons learned and improving future design iterations 
    • Teach team members how to setup and use all related engineering tools such as AutoCAD and EPLAN as well as tools related to project documentation and planning such as WaveDrom, Confluence, etc.  
    • Manage and build on team onboarding sessions as needed 
    • Set up and configure various hardware including industrial robots, demo cells, end effectors, cameras, vision systems, lighting, power panels, control panels, and robot controllers 
    • Own and provide necessary build layouts as well as requirements for power and comms to integration team and project managers 
    • Document and communicate design layouts, I/O counts, write technical standard operating procedures (SOPs) to enable supplier coordination when required, and support engineering processes managed by other acting teams (project management, electrical design, supply chain, and manufacturing) 
    • Support building a worldclass culture and team capable of deploying systems to the highest standards and levels of customer satisfaction 


    • Leadership mentality with ability to empower team members to perform their best and accomplish goals of the organization 
    • Demonstrated positive attitude and ability to thrive in an environment of rapid change, coupled with a natural curiosity and keen observational skills in the workplace, enabling you to quickly identify and solve complex problems 
    • Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering 
    • Demonstrate a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in a similar capacity, showcasing your extensive knowledge and expertise in electrical systems integration and deployment 
    • A minimum of 3 years of people management experience 
    • Showcase industrial electrical design experience, with the ability to proficiently generate AutoCAD Electrical and EPLAN drawings, ensuring accurate documentation and streamlined implementation 
    • Previous experience and proficiency using EPLAN for electrical engineering design and documentation, including applying relevant standards and regulations, selecting and configuring components, generating and managing technical documents, and collaborating and communicating with other stakeholders.
    • Exhibit competence in reading specification sheets and procuring necessary electrical components from suppliers, ensuring adherence to project requirements and specifications 
    • Ability to read and interpret data sheets, electronic data sheets (EDS) as well as procure necessary electrical components from suppliers, ensuring adherence to project requirements and specifications 
    • Experience in the safeguarding, maintenance, and manipulation of industrial robots, ensuring their optimal performance and safety in various applications 
    • Experience designing for, selecting, and integrating various safety devices 
    • Support building and reviewing risk assessments as well as documenting communicating all operator hazards and required design mitigations according to ISO12100 and ANSI/RIA TR15.306-201 
    • Willingness to travel up to 25% of the year, as required by project demands, allowing you to provide onsite support and engage with customers effectively 


    • Hands-on experience with six and seven-axis robot arms, material handling systems, industrial sensors, manufacturing processes, robotic tooling, and related areas, enabling you to design and optimize complex robotic workflows 
    • Previous work experience in design and research and development within anautomation or logistics-related company, providing valuable insights and expertise in implementing robotic solutions in real-world settings 
    • Familiarity with industrial safety best practices concerning robotic systems, ensuring adherence to safety standards and guidelines.  
Since our expansion to North America, we have encountered substantial demand for our groundbreaking robotics technology. If you're seeking a job in cutting-edge robotics and automation, Mujin offers an exciting opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology and be at the forefront of the industry's advancements. As part of the Mujin team, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the leaders in the robotics space, as we work together to change the face of industrial automation. 

EEO Statement
Mujin Corp. is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants, without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, national origin, age, pregnancy, physical or mental disability if the individual is otherwise qualified, genetic information, military or veteran status, marital status, familial status, parental status, HIV/AIDS status, sickle cell trait, DNA analysis, or any other protected characteristics as governed by federal, state, and local laws.