Integration Developer

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MultiversX is a cutting-edge blockchain technology company that specializes in providing scalable and secure solutions for decentralized applications. Formerly known as Elrond Network, MultiversX is revolutionizing the blockchain industry with its innovative technology and developer-friendly ecosystem.
We value inclusion and believe in creating a supportive work environment for all our employees. We think every successful initiative is the result of a tremendous team effort from a passionate, focused, and forward-thinking group of individuals. 

The VM and contracts team is actively seeking an exceptional individual with a wealth of software development experience to join the team. While the primary language to be used will be GO, in some cases TypeScript/Javascript will be needed.
The right candidate will be adaptable, fast in understanding specs and requirements from documentation of other products, or from the source code of other integrations. They would need to integrate contracts and interactions between chains and also solutions of other teams into the MultiversX ecosystem.

We firmly believe that outstanding software has the power to transform the world. Furthermore, we understand that continuous improvement not only benefits brilliant individuals but also amplifies their productivity. We are looking for someone who possesses brilliance and expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of developing software the right way.

Here's what you'll do:

    • You will work on integrations together with core team and contracts team;
    •  You will solve complex software development problems;
    •  You will apply your knowledge to analyze and collect data from the network, perform analysis on it, identify problems, devise and implement solutions, including best practices, and conducting experiments to validate these solutions;
    •  You will contribute to features, research activities, prototypes development by implementing and driving improvements on all areas;
    •  You will work in collaboration with other engineers across MultiversX to design creative solutions to challenging problems and new products;
    •  You will work in all popular programming languages in the ecosystem
    •  Help us change the world 🔥

To succeed in this role, you:

    • Possess a minimum of 2 years experience in software development, demonstrating deep understanding of programming paradigms. GO language is a plus, the challenge will be in GO, you will have to understand messaging protocols, while knowledge of web-sockets, p2p, is considered a plus.
    • Have practical experience with data structures, algorithms and a thorough comprehension of Object-Oriented Programming concepts.
    • Exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for learning new things and a willingness to work with multiple languages and domains. Knowledge of additional languages such as Python, TypeScript would be advantageous.
    • Value software engineering practices, including defensive programming, test-driven development, and automated testing.
    • Possess strong attention to detail and uphold a high-quality approach, consistently ensuring the overall performance of the product.
    • While prior experience in the Blockchain ecosystem is not mandatory, it would be considered a valuable asset.

We will offer:

    •     Flexible working hours
    •     Start-up atmosphere where everybody is agile without being AGILE
    •     The opportunity to create something really meaningful and used by millions of people
    •     Competitive salary
    •     Fast, dynamic & unique working environment
Join MultiversX and help us shape the world for the better!