Software Engineer

Nashville, TN
We are looking for software engineers with a proven track record of building robust, scalable products & platforms with an eye for finding elegant solutions to complex problems. We work in small teams with clear objectives, a process which allows for accountability and transparency, and an expectation to support and maintain the software we create.

Our technology stack is mainly JavaScript and Python, and we are looking to fill roles for a variety of projects including:

    • Event-driven micro services, and APIs (Django, Flask, Hapi)
    • Dynamic web applications (Django, Flask, Backbone.js, Node.js, Hapi)
    • Infrastructure development on AWS (EC2, SNS/SQS, Elasticache, RDS [Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL], Elasticsearch and many others)
    • Deploying, scaling, automating, and monitoring servers in multiple data centers and the cloud (DevOps & SREs)
    • Mobile application development for iOS and Android
Haven’t mastered everything in that list? That’s ok. We heavily weigh potential, a desire for learning, and passion for contributing.

Sound interesting? Emma offers competitive salaries, generous benefits and an enviable environment and culture. Our extremely talented, passionate, friendly group is looking to add yet another extremely talented, passionate, friendly colleague.

We currently have remote workers in CO, MI, and NC, but if you’re interested in working remotely from another state get in touch with us and we can talk.

U.S. Only.