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We are looking for more awesome freelance animators to join us on a project-by-project basis. Working with freelancers helps us diversify the style of our work, become better collaborators, surprise our clients with new ideas and it's a lot of fun. In return, we aim to help our freelancers work on interesting projects with creative collaborators in an environment that is down to earth. 

We are looking for people who are kind, flexible, imaginative, trustworthy and client service oriented. Ultimately, we hope our partnerships with you lead to amazing work and positive experiences for everyone involved. We also expect everyone involved to register high on the “I give a shit meter.”

This post is not related to a specific project. By submitting your information, we will be able to reach out to you down the road when a project pops up that might be a good fit. We’d love to hear from you occasionally with updates on what you’re working on that’s interesting, so reach out through email at

Specific Requirements
The motion graphic artist's focus is on translating high-level concepts into 2D or 3D animated videos, working closely with the director, art director, editor and/or agency creative director to execute the vision of the project, and bringing insight and creativity to elevate that vision. The candidate must also have a strong understanding of typography, layout and color theory. 

    • You are proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically Illustrator, After Effects, and Photoshop and related plugins
    • You have a strong sense of visual aesthetics, storytelling and pacing.
    • You conceptualize and visually execute stories in collaboration with creative and editorial leads.
    • You demonstrate an ability to design in adherence of brand guides, pushing boundaries where necessary to make design and animation unique.
    • You have a strong understanding of what makes good design effective in communicating a message
    • You work quickly and efficiently under pressure.
    • You inspire and challenge your colleagues to do great work.
    • Your communication is clear, professional and honest.
Thank you for your interest in Myriad! We are excited to learn more about you.