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The Myriad Creative Apprenticeship is focused on providing learning experiences and fostering career opportunities in creative video production. Our goal is to provide onramps to the field for people who haven't had good access, connections or educational support, but in spite of those roadblocks still long to make videos.

This is a full time employment position, during which the employee will have full access to participate in Myriad’s benefits program & company initiatives.

The apprenticeship will cover all aspects of the creative video production business:

-Creative Development
-Marketing & Branding

75% of the your time will be spent gaining hands-on experience. The other 25% will be theory based, such as live instructional sessions with our staff, reading, viewing MasterClasses, etc.

The apprenticeship will last six months from the date of hire, during which the employee will take part in a detailed creativity curriculum. After the six month term, employment will conclude. You will have experiences, work samples and connections to begin building a full career in creative video production.

A complete summary of this program and its curriculum can be found here: Creative Apprenticeship — Position Summary

Please consider applying, we'd love to find out what you're looking to create!
Myriad is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any individual based on any non-merit factor; we are committed to an equitable and diverse workplace where everyone is a respected and valuable member of our team.