Market Strategist and Influencer Relations Manager

Hong Kong
Marketing – Digital Marketing /
Full-time /

Our client is seeking a highly motivated and skilled Market Strategist and Influencer Relations Manager to become part of their team, with an emphasis on the web 3 domain. The chosen applicant will be accountable for amalgamating the strategic acumen of a Business Analyst with the captivating duties of a Key Opinion Leader Manager within the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency realm.

What You Will Do

    • Formulate and execute a comprehensive strategy for influencer engagement and market exploration to bolster our growth in the cryptocurrency sector.
    • Undertake market studies to identify emerging trends and opportunities, evaluate risks, and provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making.
    • Establish and nurture relationships with significant thought leaders and influencers within the cryptocurrency community, ensuring alignment with our group's brand principles and goals.
    • Collaborate with thought leaders to produce compelling content, including AMAs, project review/guide twitter threads, and promotional campaigns that resonate with our target demographic.
    • Track and report on the performance of thought leader campaigns in line with portfolio company developments, utilizing data to inform future strategies and support organizational goals.
    • Plan and oversee events and campaigns that make use of thought leader partnerships to increase brand visibility and community interaction.
    • Generate and disseminate reports detailing market tendencies, campaign outcomes, and portfolio performance to stakeholders.
    • Promote the ongoing enhancement of marketing analytical frameworks, tools, and influencer relations strategies to maximize our market strategy effectiveness.

What You Will Need

    • Bachelor's qualification in Finance, Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Engineering, or a similar discipline.
    • At least 3 years of combined experience in market research, business research, thought leader/influencer management, or similar roles within the cryptocurrency, fintech, or venture capital sectors.
    • Robust analytical and investigation abilities, with proficiency in financial understanding.
    • Proven capacity to build and sustain relationships with influencers and opinion leaders in the cryptocurrency market.
    • Exceptional communication, presentation, and people skills, capable of clearly articulating complex information to diverse audiences.
    • Innovative and strategic thinker with a data-driven approach and experience in using analytics tools for performance assessment.
    • Highly systematic, meticulous, and skilled at overseeing multiple projects and campaigns concurrently.
    • Extensive knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency tendencies, and social media platforms relevant to the cryptocurrency sector.