Harvest Supervisor

Denver, CO
To supervise your team members in the harvest and trim processes ensuring all SOP’s are being
followed. Responsible for accurate and efficient break down and wet trimming for scheduled harvested
product. Critical to following systems that ensure Med and Rec products are accurately labeled and
tracked while supervising the efficient workflow through initial Post Harvest processing.

Job Specific Responsibilities

    • Verifying and/or correcting harvest batches to make sure they are correctly labeled by strain, not damaged or infected, and properly assigned to the accurate license (currently 18+)
    • Carefully follow existing SOP’s and suggest updates as needed.
    • Manage and supervise all harvest/twist activities
    • Keep team members supplied with product to ensure maximum throughput.
    • Ensure machines are cleaned, serviced and at appropriate settings; monitor & reset as needed between runs/batches.
    • Facilitate communication between teams
    • Train team members on strain recognition and disposition
    • Manage product flow
    • Schedule activities for Rec and Med as per production.
    • Verify tags/strain/license/batch ID.

Management Responsibilities

    • Ensuring team members start on scheduled times according to building work flow.
    • Providing informal and formal feedback and coaching to your team members.
    • Coordinate with the manager and alternate shift supervisor to ensure all harvests are planned for and executed properly.
    • Continue to refine the harvest process to maximize efficiency and improve quality.
    • Ensure accurate time approvals for all of your team members.
    • Lead training modules are executed with all new employees.
    • Create cross functional relationships with all levels of Native Roots employees
    • Able to train and assist employees in the navigation of our HR portal.
    • Develop productivity goals with your manager for your teams.


    • Observant & detail oriented
    • Ability to do on-the-fly problem solving
    • Patience & strong communication skills
    • Ability to apply judgement in product quality and appropriate disposition
    • Strong scheduling and process knowledge
    • Adaptability
    • Knowledge of Google products (email, calendar, sheets, forms, documents etc.)
    • Knowledge of METRC
    • 21 years of age and older
    • State issued SUPPORT occupational license
    • Regular attendance at scheduled hours is expected and an essential function necessary for the efficient operation of business