Verifier - Packaging and Distribution

Denver, CO
To verify labels, vials, bags, tubes, and packages as they are completed by the Packaging and Cones teams. To ensure that all previously mentioned packaging is aligned with the regulations enforced by the MED.


    • Ensure the quantity of vials matches the number written on each package tag.
    • Check the equation on the package tags to ensure that the total gram weight contained within the package is correct.
    • The strain name is Spelled Correctly and has the correct Species in Parentheses next to the name.
    • Use the Potency Tracker and EBH to ensure the the harvest information and the potency results are correct.
    • Verify that the items have a QC number.
    • Verify that the correct licence number in the top left corner of the tag matches the licence number on the sticker and that the last four digits on the package tag match the last four digits on the potency label bar code.
    • To verify that all of the information on the potency label and package tag match the information in the R2R sheet.
    • To verify that all vials and tubes are closed and child resistant.
    • To package the vials into the correct dimensional packaging for safe transport and tape them closed, writing the verifier’s badge number on the tamper tape.

Compliance/Quality Control

    • Following all State Regulations for all stickers/boxes.
    • Preventing any bad vials or tubes from getting to the stores.
    • Report and major issues with labeling to Manager.
    • Preventing contamination to any flower that opens in bags/boxes.
    • Preventing theft by keeping an accurate inventory and reporting patterns originating from a particular QC number.


    • Observant
    • Ability to do on the fly problem solving
    • Patience and strong communication skills
    • Self starter
    • 21 years old and MED badge holder