Compliance & Treasury Analyst

Denver, CO
The Compliance & Treasury Analyst is responsible for filing, maintaining and responding to a variety of inquiries regarding insurance, Sales & Use Tax, U.S. Census Bureau Economics and Statistics Administration, Occupational Privilege Tax, IRS Form 8300 Compliance review, along with other Federal, State and Local agencies as required.

The Analyst is also responsible for maintaining the books and records for all treasury activity to ensure the records properly reflect account balances and charges.  Included in this is all working cash accounts, investment accounts, credit card and debt ledgers.  Additionally, the Analyst will perform weekly check runs, and cash disbursement procedures to ensure disbursements are made according to company policies and industry best practices. 

Duties and Responsibilities

    • Compliance Analyst:  Gathers data for income tax return preparation & other reporting requirements, as necessary
    • - Researches tax projects
      - Assists with state audits
      - Processes state and local notices
      - Prepares transaction tax returns (sales/use, business & occupation, gross receipts, & property tax) for monthly, quarterly & annual filings; prepares related schedules & reports
      - Organizes and maintains tax records
      - Preparation of tax calculations for planning and tax entries
      - Assists with analysis of tax accounts and account reconciliations
      - Advises management regarding effects of business activities on taxes, and on strategies for minimizing tax liability
      - Maintains customers’ tax resale exemption certificates for company & communicates with customers, as necessary
    • Treasury Analyst:  Gathers data for income tax return preparation & other reporting requirements, as necessary
    • - Ensuring cash management is performed in accordance with the rules and regulations of each country whether domestic US or international
      - Managing bank accounts for domestic US and/or international
      - For international bank accounts, working with local finance teams to ensure accurate cash forecast, cash is available as required and payments are made timely and accurately
      - Maintaining accurate records for banks, company cash pools and general
      - Ensuring accurate and timely processing of wire transfers and other electronic payments (including credit card)
      - Ensuring and executing accurate and timely transfer of cash payments and collections of receipts
      - Maintaining accurate funds, payments, 3rd party wire instructions and ACH data in various bank modules
      - Performing daily reconciliations and ensuring accurate daily cash position to obtain sufficient and reasonable bank balances
      - Covering daily cash management for team members when they are out of the office
      - Assisting with payment of bank fees
      - Perform month end tasks as it relates to journal entry preparation/accruals, general ledger account and cash reconciliations (credit cards and petty cash)
      - Other duties as assigned


    • Ability to possess Marijuana Support Occupational Employee License
    • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
    • Six or more years of relevant work experience
    • Self-motivated, able to work independently, as well as in teams
    • Excellent Customer Service and Client-Relations Skills
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality

Physical Requirements

    • Sitting for extended periods of time
    • Ability to carry up to 35 lbs
    • Ability to perform the following physical tasks: sitting, standing, stooping, stretching, walking, bending, twisting, reaching, performing repetitive motions, and carrying boxes

Direct Reports

    • None