Cure Associate

Responsible for conducting the daily duties of the Cure Department, while ensuring that all Native Roots product is consistent and high quality. Works closely with the Cure Supervisor and Cure Manager to effectively and efficiently dry and cure Native Roots flower. Handles harvested product on a daily basis while drying and curing. Also cleans and sanitizes dry/cure rooms and all associated equipment to Native Roots standards.  

Job Responsibilities

    • Conduct daily Cure Team duties (taking down a dry/cure room, preparing and maintaining dry/cure rooms)
    • Follow all SOPs for the Dry/Cure process
    • Responsible for the cleaning and sanitization of all cure rooms and equipment
    • Observe flower in dry and cure rooms and report contaminated product
    • Manipulate product in the dry and cure rooms to ensure even moisture loss and consistent, uniform drying
    • Communicate any abnormalities with the product to Cure Supervisor or Cure Manager
    • Influence decisions by shift supervisors and management about product disposition
    • Verify tags/strain/license/batch ID of recent harvests
    • Complete special projects as required

Compliance / Quality Control

    • Follow state regulations in all operations
    • Verify consistency in all batches
    • Verify quality of aroma, aesthetics, presence of pathogens, weight, and consistency and take actions as necessary to keep quality standards
    • Report any compliance or quality issues to management


    • Observant & detail oriented
    • Ability to do on-the-fly problem solving
    • Patience & strong communication skills
    • Ability to apply judgement in product quality and appropriate disposition
    • Adaptability
    • 21 years of age and older
    • State issued Support MED occupational license
    • Ability to understand basic scientific concepts
    • Regular attendance at scheduled hours is expected and is considered an essential function necessary for the efficient operation of business