Manicure Associate

Denver, CO
The Manicure Associate is responsible for the efficient dry manicuring (trimming) of our harvested product, while strictly adhering to MED regulations.

Job Responsibilities

    • Carefully follow all SOP’s and PPE requirements.
    • Manicurists are responsible for removal of excess leaf and stem.
    • Work efficiently and strive to increase productivity.
    • Must be able to adapt to various strains, styles and types of marijuana being manicured and adjusting techniques to balance speed and quality.
    • Maintain rate of 150+ grams trimmed per hour.

Compliance / Quality Control

    • Verify quality of aroma, aesthetics, pathogens, weight, and consistency and take actions as necessary to keep quality standards.
    • Report any compliance or quality issues to management. 


    • Observant & detail oriented.
    • Adaptability.
    • 21 years of age and older.
    • State issued Support/Key Badge.
    • Regular attendance at scheduled hours expected and is considered an essential function necessary for the efficient operation of business.