Business Development Associate

Raleigh, NC
Business Development is looking for individuals who are comfortable with solution selling. You should be able to listen even better than you talk to understand what mix of products and services will solve our customers' needs. Does a new warehousing client need an energy audit or do they need real-time resource monitoring? Does a factory have a specific digitization pain point or an algorithm optimization proof of concept they want to try? You will be on the front lines of new customer interactions and even help inform how to make our products better.

Requirements and Skills

    • Familiarity with energy efficiency, renewable energy and industrial controls
    • Experience with CRM applications such as Salesforce
    • Strong networking skills and comfortable cold calling
    • Persistent, tenacious and thorough
    • Pragmatic optimist
    • 2-5 years experience in sales

Day to day activities may include:

    • Developing list of leads through market research
    • Sales administration including data entry and pipeline reports
    • Reaching out to leads via email and phone calls
    • Conducting product demos
    • Scheduling onsite meetings
    • Help develop sales materials
    • Attend trade shows

Business Access, Advancement and Compensation

    • You will work closely with senior management and co-founders of the company, including the CEO
    • You can advance to either an Account Manager or Business Development Manager role
    • You will have an incentive structure, including commissions, tied to qualified leads, demos and sales meetings
    • Our company's success is your success through stock options