Specialist, Sound Technology EMEA

Amsterdam, Netherlands /
Streaming – Creative Tech & Infrastructure /
Netflix is the leading provider of streaming video, a lot of it original content: features, shorts, series, documentaries, comedy specials and unscripted content. Optimizing content quality and longevity without compromising efficiency across all types of projects presents significant challenges, but that's what the Creative Technologies and Infrastructure team does by setting technical requirements and best practices, driving new industry standards, creating new tools and providing direct support to Netflix Original Productions. 

As Netflix produces more and more programming around the world, leveraging new video and audio technology, we are scaling to support the needs of diverse creative teams. As part of the Creative Technologies and Infrastructure team, you will help guide audio specifications, technology and best practices for Netflix Originals, from capture through post-production and distribution.

The Creative Technologies and Infrastructure Team

Staying up-to-date with the most advanced developments in professional and consumer motion picture and sound technology and practices, evaluating their applicability to our goals, and supporting their implementation: this is our everyday. Our engineers are subject matter experts who offer varied yet overlapping backgrounds in motion picture production, post-production and distribution - image science, editorial, color correction, image capture, encoding, compression, exhibition, facility design, storage, video. We collaborate with the crews as well as our internal production, post-production, distribution, marketing and development teams, advising on technical decisions, setting best practices, detailing and explaining specifications. 

Quite often, our team is the link between the product (''Netflix the OTT Service'') and the content (''Netflix the Studio”) on matters of video and audio technology. 

About You

You are an expert in the fields of sound recording, editing, mixing and maybe even dubbing/localization. You understand current motion picture sound practices and tools, and how we've arrived at them as technology and creative demands have evolved. You have worked with filmmakers, directors, show-runners, editors, producers, recordists, mixers, sound supervisors, archivists, network or studio executives, and you understand their goals and challenges. You've kept abreast of developing standards and new technologies that are shaping the way soundscapes are created and reproduced for consumers, and have ideas about how to ensure their longevity. You’re comfortable interacting with the sound community and are able to easily explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences.


    • 8 years of film and/or television sound experience in a technical capacity, interacting with creatives and operators
    • Understanding of a variety of audio workflows and practices across different types of content, from features to unscripted.
    • Willingness to work in or travel to either London or Amsterdam
    • Willingness to travel regularly throughout the EMEA region
    • Knowledge of industry standards and the bodies that ratify them
    • Knowledge of audio distribution formats and consumer technology
    • Proficiency with production sound recording equipment and workflows on set
    • Mastery of Pro Tools and Dolby Atmos
    • The communication skills to clearly articulate and document technical concepts and explain how they impact the creative process
    • A passion for movies and TV shows