Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure

Los Gatos, California
Streaming – Platform Engineering
Netflix is driven by data and algorithms (along with tons of great TV shows and movies). If you are in the engineering, data, and / or machine learning fields, this is an amazing place to be.

About us
We're a small team of engineers who envision, develop, and manage the systems and workflows that enable a diverse group of users at Netflix to apply machine learning to a wide range of business problems. To make this possible, we need to address questions like these:

• What's the best way to take a prototype in R or Python and move it into ongoing production use at scale?
• How can we help data scientists reproduce their research and be more collaborative?
• How do we build flexible pipelines that can rapidly evolve to handle new technologies and modeling approaches?
• How can we make various types of data, such as natural language, video assets, and tabular data easily available for machine learning pipelines?

We don’t think these questions are just technical challenges - they are also a product challenge: How can we provide the most delightful and empowering user experience for the users of our platform. Our vision is to build highly usable, human-centric machine learning infrastructure.

Thanks to Netflix’s rare combination of an exceptional team of engineers and data scientists, a lot of data, sophisticated cloud infrastructure, and a company-wide appreciation for the benefits of machine learning and the product mindset, Netflix is a great place to make this vision a reality.

For more information about our approach and the platform we have been building this far, take a look at these presentations:
Human-Centric Machine Learning Infrastructure @Netflix (QCon SF 2018)
• Tools for Human-Centric Machine Learning at Netflix (North Star AI 2019)
• Machine Learning at Netflix with Julie Pitt (Women in Tech podcast)

About You
Machine learning in production is a relatively new field, so chances are, you won't have years and years of experience doing it. If you're passionate about combining your talents with ours to tame this frontier, we'd like to hear from you. You're likely to make us better as a team if you possess one of these talents:

• Enabling data, machine learning, or analytics - you've built some infrastructure or products for it.
• Practicing machine learning - you've developed and deployed your own models.
• Exceptional engineering or product skills - ideally in Python, or a similar language.
• Developing systems - you've built meaningful pieces of infrastructure in a cloud computing environment. Bonus if those were data processing systems or distributed systems.

Practically no one possesses all of these, so you will certainly have the chance to develop them on this team.