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Neuralink is developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers. We are building a team of multidisciplinary experts passionate about making a world-changing impact.

Neuralink is seeking accomplished candidates with a record of outstanding achievement in the area of neural engineering. Neuroengineers in this role will work collaboratively with Neuralink’s technical teams to advance our devices biocompatibility, longevity, safety, and efficacy. This position will require you to coordinate with engineers to design, execute, and interpret experiments to give feedback on the performance of our devices. Jobs at Neuralink are highly dynamic; depending on your skills and our needs, you may work across a wide range of projects, from interpreting neural data, to analyzing histology, performing surgery, or developing brand new BMI approaches. Successful candidates will be highly adaptable, able to deploy core technical and creative skills to tackle a wide range of problems, and have a keen sense of urgency.

Key qualifications:

    • Evidence of exceptional ability in neuroscience, biomedical engineering or a related field.
    • 4+ years of academic or industry experience.
    • Experience working in neurobiology, including experimental and analytical design.
    • A strong understanding of the scientific method and engineering first principles.
    • A strong record of accomplishment in their field, including publications, presentations, and patents.
    • Proficiency with Python.

Preferred qualifications:

    • Experience coding in C++
    • Experience building and programing experimental instrumentation. 
    • Experience with microscopy and optics.
    • Experience with modern statistical inference and machine learning.
    • Experience with in vivo electrophysiology and awake behaving recordings.
    • Experience developing behavioral paradigms in animal models.

What we offer:

    • An opportunity to change the world and work with some of the smartest and the most talented experts from different fields.
    • Growth potential. We rapidly advance team members who have an outsized impact.
    • Flexible vacation policy.
    • Excellent medical, dental and vision insurance through a PPO plan.
    • Meals provided.
    • Stock options.
Neuralink provides equal opportunity in all of our employment practices to all qualified employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital status, military status, genetic information or any other category protected by federal, state and local laws.  This policy applies to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, transfer, disciplinary action, layoff, return from layoff, training and social, and recreational programs.  All such employment decisions will be made without unlawfully discriminating on any prohibited basis.