Research Associate, Biology

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Biology /
At New Culture, we are making cow cheese without the cow. Dairy cheese is unsustainable and plant-based cheeses don’t work. Ours are sustainable, healthy, ethical, and indistinguishable from current dairy options in taste, texture, and function. Using fermentation to produce dairy proteins, food science to combine those proteins with natural ingredients, and traditional cheesemaking methods to make any cheese of choice, we are bringing about a new culture for the cheese industry. We are a Bay Area-based, venture-backed startup in an exciting growth and rapid expansion phase.

We are looking for a Research Associate - Biology to join us in leading the global transformation to an animal-free dairy future. As an early member of the team, you will have significant influence and responsibility in determining the success and trajectory of New Culture. The ideal candidate is looking for a new challenge in a fast-moving, collaborative environment and has years of experience in microbial molecular biology and biochemistry. 

The role of the Research Associate - Biology, and the Biology team overall, is to engineer microbial strains that can produce functional milk proteins at commercial scales. The Biology team coordinates closely with the Fermentation team to optimize and scale up the bioprocess and achieve economies of scale.

What you will be doing

    • Collaborating with the Biology team on assay development, planning experiments, milestones and goals
    • Collaborating with Fermentation team in bioprocess development and strain optimization
    • Regularly communicating with the Biology team and company regarding all aspects of technical work and company culture
    • Seeking opportunities to widen your expertise, professionally grow, and expand your role at New Culture
    • Conducting research and development experiments using standard methods of molecular biology and protein chemistry, including:

    • DNA/RNA isolation and quantification, cloning, PCR, microbial transformation, CRISPR-Cas genome editing, selection or screening for desired genotypes/phenotypes at various scales
    • Growing microbial cultures, obtaining growth curves/rates, and measuring protein titers by SDS-PAGE, AKTA/HPLC, or ELISA, also at various scales
    • Performing bench-scale protein purifications, western blotting, and measuring protein yields and purity using SDS-PAGE, AKTA/HPLC, or ELISA
    • Performing biochemical/biophysical assays for protein function
    • Making stocks of microbial growth media, oligonucleotides, gene fragments, plasmids, buffers, and frozen glycerol stocks of microbial strains

What we expect from you

    • Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology or biochemistry with at least three years experience performing experiments in a wet lab
    • A strong desire to improve the world, a love of discovery, huge enthusiasm for getting rigorous experimental results and hitting milestones on a tight deadline, sharing your ideas and embracing other’s ideas, eagerness to help where help is needed, flexibility to quickly pivot to new tasks or projects, and most importantly - a love of cheese.

Even better if you had

    • A master’s degree in molecular biology or biochemistryIndustry experience in a wet lab
    • Molecular biology experience with various types of microbes, especially across phyla (bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi)
    • Experience with high throughput experimental tools such as microplate readers, colony pickers, liquid handling robots, Biolector
    • Experience with large dataset analysis/management
How to know you are a great fit:

We look for candidates who are team players, learners, doers, and hungry to make a difference in the world. Creativity and resourcefulness, honesty and empathy go a long way. Our five core values guide us on our path to achieving our mission. 

Determination with Kindness | Have the resolve, the drive, and the will to succeed, but do it with empathy, encouragement, and compassion. In the face of adversity we will only excel as a team by keeping kindness at the forefront of everything we do.

Tenacity with Transparency | Creativity, persistence, questioning, and crazy ideas to solve hard problems are essential to our work. We do all of this out in the open while being honest and forthright about the new things we’re trying, getting feedback and input from our teammates along the way. 

Teamwork with Rigor | Hold yourself and those around you to high standards and understand how your responsibilities are interconnected with others’. As much as you rely on your teammates, they’re relying on you, and only with consistent communication and rigorous teamwork will we achieve our goals together.

Speed with Focus | We move quickly, exploring new opportunities and incorporating new results to make progress rapidly. Remaining focused throughout our experimentations means making thoughtful decisions, listening to a range of perspectives, and moving forward as a unified team once we’ve committed to the path ahead.

Love the Product | The science is cool but the product is even cooler. Our breakthroughs are always in the pursuit of better products. It’s by selling delicious dairy that we will bring about a successful future for New Culture and a positive impact for our customers and the planet.

New Culture is committed to promoting and creating a diverse, inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. Diversity is the foundation of what we do at New Culture, enabling us to build a company that celebrates what makes each of us unique.