Senior front-end engineer

San Francisco, California
Engineering & Product
Full Time
About the role

Newfront is looking for front-end engineers to help change the face of insurance by using technology to build incredible, unexpected, and delightful experiences for our clients.

We are looking for people who share our passion and belief that the best technology is simple, beautiful, accessible, and usable.

Using modern front-end technology (e.g. CSS-in-JS, React, Next.js, GraphQL) and design tools (e.g. Framer, Figma) we expect front-end engineers to fully represent users' needs and uphold product quality through close partnership with product, design, and user research.

About the team
We build products for 3 user groups – our clients, brokers, and the servicing team.

Clients: We need to design a product that makes their current insurance coverage extremely clear and makes it quick and easy for them to request an update their coverage, get help, or make a claim.

Brokers:  We want to help them turn leads into sales. Insurance brokers are like a sales team in a traditional SaaS company. They need a dashboard that clearly communicates the status of all of their clients, tracks their leads, and shows incoming revenue.

Servicing team: This team includes account managers and operations specialists responsible for providing stellar service to our clients.

We currently have 2 product teams – The servicing team and the compliance team. These teams have areas of focus but they work across all of the user groups. We also have a core infrastructure team.

About Newfront

Insurance is a half trillion dollar market that plays a foundational role in our economy and society but is generally slow, archaic, and filled with paperwork.

Backed by the world's leading investors, Newfront is building the modern insurance brokerage. We leverage technology to simplify the selling process for brokers and the buying process for clients. Our singular mission is to create the future of work for this massive industry.

Newfront scales by hiring brokers who join with their book of business. Through automation and artificial intelligence, we eliminate paperwork and pay brokers a higher split of their commission revenue. We represent a paradigm shift in the industry and career path for tens of thousands of brokers. 

Newfront believes in empowering people rather than ‘disrupting’ them. In applying this belief, we’ve taken off like a rocket, seeing exponential growth across all key metrics.

🎥 To learn more about working at Newfront, check out our recent video: Engineering at Newfront.

What you'll work on

    • Leading the development of product features: You'll be the front-end engineer for one of the cross-functional product teams. You'll be involved during product discovery and you'll contribute to the design process. You'll be responsible for speccing and building the front-end for each project your team takes on. These projects range in scope from small changes to a large product redesign.
    • Designing product features: Smaller projects might not need a detailed design prototype. You will be able to jump right into the code and try out a few interaction patterns to solve the problem. You'll also be heavily involved in the design process with product designers and product managers.
    • Building, maintaining, and contributing to the design system: We have a design system in its infancy that we use to build all of the product features at Newfront. We want to build tools to seamlessly use the design system across Figma, Framer, Storybook, and Next.js.


    • Build web products using industry best practices: You will design and build high-quality software using HTML, CSS, Javascript (React) that follows industry best practices for performance and accessibility. You'll be in charge of the front-end code for your product team so you'll be setting the standard for the rest of the team.
    • Working in concert with design: You'll work with the designer to understand how it fits into the system and break it down into components so that it can be built efficiently. You'll have to have a good understanding of the trade-offs of various forms of abstraction.
    • Build and contribute to the design system: You will design and build our design system by contributing new components, modifying existing components, and helping other engineers use the system. This means you have an eye for design and care about the little details that transform an ordinary interface into something that feels polished and beautiful.
    • Plan and implement front-end architectural features. You'll be able to help implement company-wide front-end systems to help support the rest of the team. This could be instituting some new best practice, tool, library, or workflow.
    • You'll be planning and leading front-end projects. As the front-end engineer on the product team, you'll be responsible for scoping and planning work. You'll be able to take a prototype and a product spec, break it down into tasks, and communicate your plan with the rest of the team.


    • 5+ years of front-end engineering and/or work related industry experience. You have previous success developing and shipping a large-scale web application with a user-empathetic mindset
    • You're skilled with web technologies including JavaScript (React), HTML, and CSS. These are important foundational skills for a front-end engineer and impact everything from performance, to maintainability, to accessibility.
    • You care about industry best practices: You understand which features can be used across the various browsers, you understand how to make a website accessible, and you know how to implement responsive design.
    • You have an understanding of interaction design: You're able to understand why particular interactions should be used and when. You're able to recommend particular UI patterns to solve user problems and understand the trade-offs.
    • You care about the tiny details. You notice when elements are off by 1 or 2 pixels and it will eat at you until you fix it. You're aware that loss of quality is often death by a thousand cuts.
    • You're comfortable with ambiguity. Our philosophy for design and product is to do just enough to communicate an idea so we can start building and learning. This means that as a front-end engineer you need to be able to make high-quality design decisions and have a deep understanding of the product requirements.
We are an equal opportunity employer — we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.