IT Support Engineer

San Francisco, California
Full Time
You are the 1st line of defense against productivity loss. Utilizing a wide array of tools to triage and gather analytics for process improvement. Willing to take on various disciplines in the IT field because you're still looking for specializations that interest you. Your peers and supervisors have called you organized, curious & a people person at any point in life.

Your Technical Toolbox Must Haves

    • 1-3 years of Windows and Mac(OSX) Hardware and application troubleshooting.
    • 1-3 years of Android and iPhone troubleshooting.
    • Understands and has worked with an IDP system like Gsuite or LDAP systems.
    • Basic Understanding of audio and visual communication technologies (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cloud PBX & UC systems).
    • Can communicate networking issues by referencing elements of the OSI model (1-3 Layers).

Work Experience

    • 3 years in help desk experience working in a triage ticking system.
    • 3 years working in office productivity applications (Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Presentation platforms & Email clients)
    • Front facing customer service experience (Experience doesn't have to be technology related)


    • High School Diploma or GED
    • Completed some college course work in any programming language with a passing grade.
    • Any industry certifications are a plus
Tired of being only known as "that person that fixes computers"? Newfront Insurance's Information Technology team is empowered by our clients and staff by being the force multiplier its meant to be. If you believe that being in the Information Technology field means to take ownership of Information Security & Integrity by maximizing the efficiency of the technology available in the world today. Then we are looking for you. You will be an active part of a growing IT team reporting directly to the IT Manager. As one of the first team members of the IT Team you will be able to quickly adapt to the technology at Newfront Insurance and have the opportunity to grow into a role of your choosing.