Electrical "Engineer"

Oakland, CA
Product Realization

The Situation:
A group of like-minded folks is building a computer in a garage in northern California.
The computer costs $9 and they need to make A LOT of them.

The Problem:
They need your help.

The Gig:
A sort-of choose your own adventure thing. You'll be working closely with
the whole Next Thing Co. team to design, prototype, and build products for
people a lot like you. Your work will be used by hundreds of thousands of
people and won't live on a shelf.

You Should:

    • Not be frightened by using Altium, OrCad and Eagle in the same day
    • Be able to solder 0204 SMT caps left and right handed
    • Have strong opinions about the color of soldermask
    • Enjoy wire-wrapping, but admit it's not for everyone
    • Think PCBs are art
    • Be able to order beer in Mandarin
    • Love old electronics so much your friends ask you why you "collect trash"
    • Know what those wiggly PCB traces are for
    • Care deeply about the quality of power supplies
    • Know the difference between cheap and shitty
    • Have a collection of data sheets "you've been meaning to read"

We have customers in 97 countries and need people who can serve them all. People who identify with, and are committed to all types of diversity (women, people of color, LGBTQQI, allies, etc.) are strongly encouraged to apply. Also, no assholes. Srsly.