Senior Backend Engineer (Remote) - US & Canada

Remote /
Engineering /
Full Time
As a Senior Backend Engineer at Nightfall (formerly known as Watchtower), you’ll enable us to deliver our platform reliably, securely, and at massive scale. You’ll help architect low latency, real-time microservices that process & detect sensitive data at scale.


    • Building highly-available and secure authentication and API services
    • Maintaining and evolving mission-critical internal databases and services
    • Optimizing and operating high volume auto-scaling streaming data services
    • Instrumenting streaming data services for visibility into utilization per customer
    • Writing and maintaining documentation about internal and public services 


    • Expertise in one or more systems/high-level programming language (e.g. Python, Go, Java, C++) and the eagerness to learn more.
    • Experience running scalable (thousands of RPS) and reliable (three 9’s) systems.
    • Experience with developing complex software systems scaling to substantial data volumes or millions of users with production quality deployment, monitoring and reliability.
    • Experience with large-scale distributed storage and database systems (SQL or NoSQL, e.g. MySQL, Cassandra)
    • Ability to decompose complex business problems and lead a team in solving them
    • Data Processing - experience with building and maintaining large scale and/or real-time complex data processing pipelines using Kafka, Hadoop, Hive, Storm, or Zookeeper
    • 4+ years of experience

Tools We Use:

    • Go
    • Node.js
    • React
    • Python
    • Cassandra
    • Redis
    • Terraform
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • AWS
    • Kafka
    • Envoy
About Nightfall:
Nightfall (formerly known as Watchtower) is a cybersecurity startup dedicated to helping enterprises secure and manage their sensitive data. As a leading enterprise technology company, our product affects the personal data that people entrust businesses to store & process with care every day. Critical data in the modern enterprise is often sprayed across a broad set of cloud systems (e.g. SaaS & data infrastructure), and it’s a herculean task for security teams to monitor, manage, and protect this highly sensitive data. Via machine learning, our product makes it easy for companies to discover, classify, and protect this sensitive data across their cloud footprint - such as their corporate SaaS, data infrastructure, and APIs. In doing so, we prevent data leakage, provide unprecedented data visibility & protection across the cloud, and enable compliance. We're a technology startup based in San Francisco and Palo Alto, well-funded by leading institutional investors with deep expertise in the cybersecurity industry. Learn more at our website or by reaching out via email at