Frontend Software Engineer

San Francisco

About the Company

Nootrobox is the leading biohacking company. Our team of 8 is lean and ultra talented. We're growing rapidly and are working on some of the most challenging and impactful problems of our time, in the field of human enhancement.

We are all biohackers and do at least 36-hour fasts every week. We consider the human body as the next big innovation platform. Precision nutrition and nootropics are on the rise as more and more people come to understand they can increase their physical and cognitive performance by introducing new inputs into their daily regimen.

Our 2-person engineering team includes the founder of Reactiflux (the leading React community) and a top-100 Rails contributor. We're building the world's best e-commerce experience, and we're preparing to launch major new initiatives in 2017.

Who You Are

Exceptionally smart and driven software engineer looking to build products people love in the field of human enhancement.

Experience & Qualifications

    • Mastery of React/Javascript/HTML/CSS and a passion for User Experience. You know how to architect and test large React apps and can ship polished UI with 60fps animations. 
    • 2+ years experience of full-time software development and shipping product.
    • Experience working across the stack from testing, to databases, to building APIs. 
    • Bachelor’s degree from a strong undergraduate program. Graduate degrees are a plus, but what matters is your results and ambition.
    • Biohacker, or, at the minimum, strongly inclined to biohack.

Job Description

    • Ship and own features on our e-commerce platform and upcoming software projects.
    • Be authoritative about architectural and stylistic decisions across our front end stack.
    • Maintain a high bar for performance, stability, and user experience across our front end stack.
    • Collaborate with our design team to ship features with great UX and pixel perfect UI across devices and browsers.


    • Market salary and above market equity.
    • Any hardware, software, or setup that you need to hit your full potential.
    • Gym membership.