Java Developer / Application Specialist Traineeship

Muscat, Oman
Software Development – Java Developer
We are looking for TOP Junior software developers who are team players and have a proactive mindset and hardworking nature. If you're a top talent and finishing this summer your Computer Science /Information System studies as a programmer, then this traineeship is for you.

Here, at Nortal, as a Java Developer/ Application Specialist trainee, you will push your IT abilities to new heights through intensive learning, close guidance and, most important, real-world work on meaningful projects aiming to make an impact on the local community. 

Traineeship will be offer only for Omani nationals who would like to boost the career in an international company and multinational environment. You will work with the cutting-edge technology, learn guided by your mentor and colleagues to do something practical and meaningful for the Sultanate. 

Role Summary
The role is required for building and managing software applications within the business, figure out what specific applications are needed to improve business operations, and then supervise the installation, upgrading and daily maintenance of software applications. 
Technical requirements:
·        Excellent knowledge of Java programming language. If programming is your hobby, it will help a lot.
·        Good knowledge of database engines (Oracle, MS SQL)
·        Knowing and mastering Atlassian Confluence and Jira tools
What we offer:
·        Real-life projects where you can learn and develop your skills
·        Hands-on experience and support from your mentors to excel the tasks
·        2-3 months of paid internship
General expectations

Based on our experience, to succeed in Nortal meeting the following expectations is important
 • High level of proactiveness. Taking responsibility and initiative
 • Hardworking and keeping your promises. This is what our customers knows that we deliver - on time, on budget, with high quality, not matter what. This is a standard where we do not make compromises. We know that we can count on you. During intensive periods, if needed, we expect all team to work overtime
Constant improvement. Get better. Grow with the team and the company. Raise the bar and set an example. Stay hungry and curious.   
Flexibility. In you work, but also generally. You’ll be joining specific project and team but we expect our people if needed to jump in any project or assignment in Nortal. This means also physical working place - we’re working currently in 5 offices across Muscat. 
Put the team first. Be a great team player. Make decisions based on greater good of the team - team comes first, personal interests second. Take part in team and company events and initiatives 
Nortal is a premium service provider on the market. The reason why customers choose to work with Nortal (despite the fact that they have lower cost options on the market) is the world-class quality level of our experts and our work and customers know that Nortal will deliver, no matter what. As a result, this sets extremely high expectations to our team – both in terms of qualityspeed of our services and also availability.  If you’re not afraid of very hard work, let's talk!

General info
We are Nortal, a strategy, and technology company crafting a brighter tomorrow for people in nearly 20 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and North America. We work to build a seamless society that stands on three pillars: Enterprise - Data ProtectionBig Data AnalyticsRevenue Science, and Industry 4.0, e-health -  Digital Healthcare, and e-government - Ease of Doing BusinessPublic Finance Management, and Electronic Identity. We live by Teamwork, Constant Improvement, Meaningful Impact, and Openness and Honesty.

Nortal in region has 40 employees  who are top level experts from 11 nationalities, working in 6 offices (main back-office in Muscat KOM,  small office in Dubai, customer offices in the ministries– Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Finance, Secretary General for Taxation).

We have more than 150 ongoing projects and many of our customers have been with us for a long time. We’ve propelled Oman for an unprecedented 127 places leap in the Ease of Doing Business Ranking of the World Bank's annual Doing Business. We are a real catalyst for growth in the digital economy by transforming the way businesses operate, improving the local business climate by spearheading impactful e-government initiatives.