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Join us in the Lithuanian office for your next big adventure! We are seeking a Java engineer with a range of experience levels – from mid to lead – to join our teams, grow with us, and teach us a few things along the way.
Engineers are a mix of craftsmen, researchers, artists, builders, and engineers. They solve software and business puzzles, figuring out how different systems and information assets interlock with each other, removing silos, and finding the best solutions
While exploring and experimenting with new technologies they also understand the importance of proper architectural choices and methodologies. Each of our teams acts as a little ecosystem built to be autonomous - making their own decisions about technology choices and the development process.
You will also be a part of our internal Engineer community of inspiring and experienced specialists.

What it takes to join:

    • At least 3 years of experience with Java development
    • Experience with Spring, SOA, and contemporary databases would be beneficial
    • Experience with REST APIs would be a plus
    • Understanding the principles of Scrum methodology
    • Open-minded, eager to learn new things, and solutions-oriented
    • Understanding how your work provides value to the end-customers
    • Ability to write unit tests, refactor existing code and work with existing codebases
    • Knowledge of software design patterns and effective development methodologies
    • Proficiency in English
    • A Github account with recent activity would be a plus

We offer you:

    • Interesting, challenging, and innovative work
    • Great career opportunities with constant improvement, high-quality training to develop skills and gain new experiences
    • Impact on the team, the company, and the society
    • An opportunity to grow and learn by being part of Nortal’s active and inspiring developer community with over 700 global advocates
    • Opportunity to contribute to decision-making – people in charge are in the next room and the doors are always open
    • People-oriented atmosphere. We strive to create an environment where people can feel comfortable
    • Lunches with the team, participation in Nortal’s legendary events, team-building and trips, conferences, and room for spontaneous ideas and joint activities

Why Nortal?

    • We hire people not only for their skills but also for cultural fit. We live by our values: commit to delivering value and results, take ownership, empower self and others, and own your future and growth. Besides our professionalism, we like to spice things up with good humor.
    • We care about your growth & development. In Nortal we support constant improvement and knowledge sharing via Learning Hives. External and internal training, dedicated time for self-learning, a mentorship program, and strong 1:1 culture.
    • We prioritize your health & well-being by providing a flexible package for health insurance.
    • We support your work-life balance and provide flexible working hours.
    • It's your choice whether you want to work from the office or remotely. In Lithuania, we have offices in Vilnius and Kaunas, but with our Work From Anywhere program you have the freedom to work where you work best, and Nortal will help to cover the cost of ergonomic furniture for your home. We have also launched the Nortal Nomad program for people wanting to move short-term to some other country.
    • We offer 2 extra vacation days per calendar year.
    • Salary range (gross) 2500 - 7000 eur.
Jurgita Tilingaitė