Senior DevOps Developer

Canada, Remote
DevOps /
Full-time /
We are looking for a skilled operations engineer to help us build enterprise level web, dApp, and mobile applications. The DevOps position at Northern Labs is a versatile role responsible for setting up servers and build pipelines during project development, managing access and permissions on cloud services, and advocating for scalability, reliability, and security during project architecture conversations. Our ideal candidate is passionate about emerging technologies and relentlessly pursues improvement in themselves, their work, and their team.


    •  Join a multinational team of world class engineers and designers building top quality mobile, desktop, distributed, and web apps.  
    • Take on infrastructure, DevOps, reliability, and security initiatives 
    • Troubleshoot issues across the entire stack, from network and OS to applications  
    • Build tools for automation, deployment, monitoring and operations  
    • Demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence and foster healthy relationships between teams both within and outside of engineering 
    • Be part of a small, nimble team balancing short term tactical tasks and long-term projects  
    • Guide engineering teams to identify development challenges and then design tools, infrastructure and/or processes to improve their productivity and/or lives


    • 3+ years of relevant professional experience  
    • Experience managing cloud based infrastructure (we're 100% AWS)
    • Production Experience with Kubernetes and Docker. EKS and service meshes experience are preferred (LinkerD, Istio)  
    • In-depth understanding of Unix/Linux systems internals and networking  
    • Solid programming skills with some of the following: Ruby, Python, Go  
    • Experience designing solutions for automated, cloud based provisioning and configuration management  
    • Experience designing and building CI/CD pipelines  
    • Security minded with an interest in protecting systems and infrastructure  
    • GitHub presence being repositories, issues or PRs. We love the open source community and we contribute back when we can ❤️  
    • Ability to operate in a startup environment and execute in the presence of ambiguity and change  
    • BS in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent experience


    • Hands-on experience in implementing compliance for advanced security standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI.  
    • Technical certifications or other demonstrations of passion in technology (e.g., AWS Professional, open source projects, or equivalent)


    •  AWS: EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Route53, EKS, ECR, Cloudwatch, Global Accelerator, SQS, KMS etc  
    • Kubernetes: EKS, Linkerd, Karpenter, Keda, Kyverno  
    • Infrastructure-as-Code: Terraform, Packer  
    • CI: GitHub Actions, Harness  
    • Stack: Elixir, Python, Node, Postgres, Redis  
    • Monitoring: Instana, Scalyr, Datadog  
    • Security: Acqua, AWS GuardDuty, Prisma Cloud
Northern Labs is on a mission to lower the barrier to entrepreneurship in Canada and help companies grow to massive scale. As a Venture Studio, we use our deep technology expertise, capital and vast network to assist founders in turning ideas into viable companies. In addition, we partner with top tier venture backed startups to build out highly scalable, enterprise grade products and platforms.
We specialize in Blockchain, Fintech, Marketplaces, Analytics and Gaming and bring the expertise from building and scaling some of the best companies in the portfolios of Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, GGV Capital and Altos Ventures.