VP Sales

Oakland, CA

Enterprises in every industry are rapidly undergoing digital transformation. Increasingly, this means a move to modern web and mobile customer interfaces, and that means adopting npm.

Starting in 2009, npm has changed the way JavaScript is written. Now npm, Inc. is looking for a sales leader with an entrepreneurial mindset to bring our world-changing products and workflow to market.

npm's open-source technology infrastructure is used by over 9 million people worldwide, a number that has more than doubled in the last year. Our paid products are used by enterprises of every size, including 100% of the Fortune 500. We make their JavaScript software development teams more productive, and provide enterprise-grade security and compliance controls as an ever-greater share of corporate intellectual property moves to rich web, desktop, and mobile apps written in JavaScript.

We have a fast-growing self-serve business that feeds into our enterprise sales. Our enterprise customers range in size from $10k to $1m in ARR. Your job will be to build a repeatable sales process that increases our ASP, and to hire and lead the team that executes on that process.

You will report directly to the COO. We expect you to map out the sales process, including pitch scripts and the overall sales motion, working closely with our VP of Marketing to get the demand generation and sales collateral you need.

This is a challenger sale to executives in charge of development and IT functions, making them aware of the new reality. A growing share of their money is being spent creating JavaScript applications, and npm can make their developers faster, happier, and more productive, generating real business value by reducing friction.

Closing date for applications is: Friday, November 17, 2017