Head of Finance

Oakland, CA

npm is the package manager for JavaScript. We operate the world's largest software repository and are used by more than 1 in 4 programmers worldwide. We occupy a central place in modern front-end web development and our technology helps build all sorts of things from mobile apps and desktop applications through robots to space suits at NASA. We host over 540,000 open source software libraries, and our more than 8.6 million users download more than 11 billion packages from our servers every month. We are, as they say, kind of a big deal.

We are looking for our first full-time internal team member dedicated to managing our financial operations, reporting directly to the COO. You'll be refining our business models and analyzing our business, looking at every part of our company and advising the executive team on planning, budgeting, and measuring success. Your goal will be to give us a clear picture of our current state, and advise us on the potential impacts of decisions we're considering. Our outsourced accounting and payroll functions will report to you, and you will have full control over those relationships, including whether to bring them back in-house or change providers.

Some things we'll be asking you to do:
Producing dashboards and reports for the company and the board
Improving and expanding existing business models
Define and track KPIs
Plan and track budgets and expenses
Ad-hoc analysis of our financial data to support investment theses
Diligence documentation during funding events
Ongoing compliance process and documentation

As the company grows, we expect you to grow with it, hiring a team under you and turning manual processes into automated ones. We have existing dashboards and data workflows but the tools you use will be up to you. We think someone with a background in finance and experience of working at startups will be the best fit for this position, but we don't get hung up on academic credentials. We want someone who loves bringing order to chaos, and is able to keep the big picture in sight at all times.

Your work will impact millions of people, and you'll work with people who truly value what you do.

The closing date for this position is Friday, September 22, 2017