Senior Systems Software Engineer

Austin, Texas

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Senior Systems Software Engineer

  • Are you able to work full-time in Austin, TX?
  • How did you hear about BitMED?
  • Do you have 8+ years of Python programming experience?
  • Do you have 5+ years of Go programming experience?
  • Do you have 3+ years designing and implementing low-latency distributed systems?
  • Do you have a strong developer-level understanding of blockchain technologies?
  • Can you explain what the following three AWS (Amazon Web Services) service components are: EC2 instance, security group, S3 bucket?
  • Can you explain what SQL referential integrity is?
  • Can you explain how a Machine Learning Neural Network works?
  • Can you explain what Edge Computing is?
  • Can you explain the “proof of work” algorithm used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum?
  • Describe or share a link to a project you are most proud of:
  • What about BitMED makes you excited to work here?
  • Why are you the right fit for this job?

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