Security and compliance engineer

Remote /
Engineering /
Full time
We are looking for a security-minded individual, with a risk-minded approach to security who would be in charge of security and compliance.


- are allergic to over-engineering.
- are anarchists at heart and like to hack around the status quo.
- are radically honest and appreciate challenging one another, rather than giving out “pats on the back”. Yet, we can always rely on each other for support, feedback and results. 
are willing to learn and adapt quickly to new situations and requirements. Languages, frameworks, libraries, compilers, etc. are just tools for a job. A new problem might need a new tool. If it doesn’t exist yet, we will build it.
- have a sense of humour (well, we think we do).


Experience dealing with security and compliance from a previous role, or relevant education to compensate
Willingness to go the extra mile
A strong understanding of CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)

Extras that are a plus

Competing in CTFs
A specific field of interest you have great competence in
An interest in software development

Things you should enjoy doing

Sharing knowledge about security, it’s importance and how to prevent breaches.
Creating an ISMS
Completing risk and customer security assessments
Owning the security process

Roles & Responsibilities

Ensure standards and frameworks are followed (SOC2, etc)
Respond to customer inquiries of our security posture
Work closely with the development team to give a security perspective during the planning and threat modelling phases.
Following up on security incidents.