Sr. Web Developer (Full Stack)

New York, NY
Regular Full-Time
New York Media energizes people around shared interests, igniting important conversations with a cosmopolitan point of view and providing the map to shrewdly navigate a fast-moving culture. We want to be a beloved habit for people around the world, with groundbreaking journalism at our core. By connecting our consumers to indispensable content and experiences, our media becomes the starting point from which we can provide innovative offerings across multiple platforms.

Managing multimedia products that millions of people use every day is important work, and the Technology team is dedicated to making sure that everything New York Media creates is efficient and accessible. We enable other teams at New York Media to streamline their work and help our audience engage easily with our products.

The Senior Developer role will guide teams in creating and supporting high-profile, delightfully designed sites including,,,, and much more.

Job Responsibilities

    • Mentor junior and mid-level developers
    • Cultivate a healthy, inclusive learning culture both within and between teams
    • Coordinate with Design, Product, and other collaborators in the creation of design-detailed, UX-savvy digital products
    • Build new web components with HTML, CSS, and Javascript that others will be happy to read
    • Deliver backend APIs that scale and deploy with ease
    • Join knowledgeable product managers to turn great ideas into experiences that readers will genuinely appreciate
    • Be comfortable talking about code: yours, your colleague's, and that open source project that makes life so much easier
    • Identify and address bottlenecks to make sure every webpage goes from request to render in a few short seconds
    • Create sites that are both accessible and forward-compatible through the healthy use of Web Standards
    • Use Progressive Enhancement to take advantage of new techniques without leaving our audience behind
    • Know how to get the job done today, while you're on the lookout for a better way for us to work tomorrow

Role Requirements

    • Experience working with node.js required
    • Solid knowledge of HTTP and RESTful API practices
    • Redis, Elastic, Postgres, Mongo, and nginx experience greatly appreciated
    • Experience deploying in AWS environments a plus
    • Well versed in agile software development strategies and techniques
    • Fluent in HTML5 & CSS3 (minimum 3 years experience): Write semantic markup that robots love. Know that <div>s are the elements of last resort. Arrange the trickiest of layouts, while keeping your CSS simple.
    • Responsive Design (minimum 3 years experience): Implement designs that flow from Phone to Phablet to Tablet to Desktop without getting dizzy.
    • Client-side Javascript (minimum 3 years experience): Love Javascript. Walking the DOM is a walk in the park. "use strict" isn't optional for you.
    • Server-side Javascript (required): Node.js and npm are the bee's knees.
    • Images (minimum 3 years experience): Have opinions on the best use of GIFs, JPGs, PNGs, SVGs and whether they should be in a sprite sheet, base64-encoded, linked or not used at all. Deliver retina images when needed, and not a pixel more.
    • Frameworks (optional, but helpful): Know when they save you time, when they get in the way, and how to spot frameworks that aren't worth the trouble
    • Git (required): Know when rebasing is your best friend, and when it can get you into hot water.
    • (You don't have to know all these things, but you should be excited to learn and use them -or perhaps even advocate for something you can show is better.)
New York Media is a place where you can be yourself and make an impact. Our team members are creative and collaborative, and we want to be just as engaged and diverse as our audience. We know that cultivating diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment is crucial in maintaining our strength as a prominent media organization.

We create an environment where no individual is advantaged or disadvantaged because of their background. We offer equal opportunity employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, marital status, or protected veteran status.

With a commitment to maintaining a bias-free environment in which harassment is prohibited, we respect cultural diversity and comply with the laws of the places in which we operate. We expect our business partners, suppliers, clients, and all of our team members to uphold these commitments.