OakNorth Analytical Intelligence – Product Development
Full time
With close to $4bn in loans flowing through its systems, OakNorth AI is the leading player in the bespoke mid-sized loans segment, and has partnered with lending institutions around the world to unlock this under-served market. 

OakNorth Analytical Intelligence (ON AI) is a FinTech platform unlocking the under-served and underestimated market for bespoke loans to SMEs. It does this by leveraging data, machine learning and technology to make a previously unprofitable market segment highly attractive. By deploying our platform globally, we are growing our footprint within the financial services industry and helping our clients reach previously untapped market segments.
The company was founded by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, serial entrepreneurs, who proved the concept for OakNorth Analytical Intelligence via OakNorth - a bank they founded in 2015 to address the mid-market funding gap in the UK. The bank became profitable after just 11 months and within a period of less than two years, has grown its loan book to $1.7bn. The group is the fastest in European history to become a unicorn (30 months from inception) and counts GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, among its investors. The management team has backgrounds from leading tech and financial institutions such as Palantir Technologies, Amazon, Apple, Intel and Goldman Sachs.

You will:

    • Have excellent leadership skills and experience: Knows how to recruit, motivate, lead and retain excellent devops engineers
    • Lead by example: The right person will want to spend most of their time doing, rather than managing
    • Have been there, done that: Experience of infrastructure and release automation in a continuous integration/continuous delivery framework. Probably were a sysadmin before devops became a thing
    • Have strong opinions: They won't be inflexible, but their deep experience has led them to a good practical knowledge of what works and what doesn't
    • Be a committed team player: Works well with devs and client stakeholders to ensure mutually excellent outcomes
    • Have exceptional judgement: By the time they say a release is good to go, or infra is ready to ship for a client, it's rock solid
    • Have good spoken and written communication skills: Not going to disappear or be hard to talk to or work with. Able to work with counterparts at clients to understand their needs and ensure our infrastructure works for them
    • Be a self-starter: They will be trustworthy in a situation with a high degree of self-management. Will just grind on problems making things better
    • Be calm in a crisis: If there is an emergency, they step up and deal with it. When things calm down, they make it so it doesn't happen again
    • Be meticulous about planning and organisation: Even if the dev effort is a little chaotic, infra is rock solid
    • Be great at the 1 to n: We've built a version which works for our first couple of clients. We need the person who will make it work flawlessly for many clients in multiple timezones etc
    • Be low drama: Looks to resolve problems, not amplify them
    • Believe in process: Deep commitment to setting up and automating excellent processes. Will build out an automated alerting machine and then make sure the phone never has to ring

You have:

    • Deep Unix/Linux experience
    • Enough bash, python etc to be dangerous
    • Networking and information security
    • Docker, Kubernetes
    • Infrastructure automation: Terraform, Ansible, Salt stack, Puppet/Chef etc
    • Cloud providers: Working experience of AWS and at least one of Azure, Alibaba and GCP
    • Log collection and monitoring: ELK or similar
    • Continuous integration: Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo
Thank you very much for your interest in OakNorth Analytical Intelligence. We are happy to consider you for roles within our group of companies. If we can identify a match between your skill set and our immediate recruiting needs, please expect to hear from us very soon. If we are unable to identify a fit in the near term, please note that we intend to retain the data you send to us so we may contact you in the future.

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