Senior React Developer

Greater St. Louis Area
Front End Developer
Full Time
Project Description:
In our client's commercial pipeline, as products move from one phase to another and get a year away from being launched into the market, the product development managers need to work on a set of activities. These activities culminate in data about the products being published on their websites and need to be completed in a small window of time. If the information does not flow to the legal review department and websites on time, it results in delay in the launch of products which in turn results in the loss of revenue
Project Goals:
We are developing a web based application within their internal platform where their business product development managers will work quickly and efficiently to rate, review, and publish data on their products. Integration with internal IT products, leveraging APIs, and having an intuitive interface will be the crux to providing smooth user experience

Technical Requirements

    • Full-Stack Javascript development
    • NodeJS
    • Express
    • MongoDB
    • React
    •    Recompose
    •    Reselect
    •    React Saga
    • Redux
    • Lodash
A prospective developer should be at least aware of recent JavaScript additions such as async/await, spread operators, and generators.  Would need to be able to demonstrate the ability to ramp up quickly and be able to learn unfamiliar technologies and frameworks without much assistance.  This position also greatly relies on the use of mob programming and working elbow to elbow.