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Who We Are: 
Ocrolus is a fintech infrastructure company that transforms documents into actionable data. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and a unique human-in-the-loop data validation process, Ocrolus plugs directly into customer workflows via API, eliminating the need for manual data work. The solution includes built-in fraud detection and analytics, enabling customers to make smarter and faster business decisions with unprecedented precision.

Use-cases include loan underwriting, account openings, invoice processing, and other document-intensive processes. Ocrolus has raised over $30 million in venture capital, backed by Oak HC/FT, FinTech Collective, Bullpen Capital, and QED Investors, among others.

Data Team at Ocrolus:

Ocrolus is a fast-growing company with many emerging data needs. We are establishing new platforms and capabilities for users both inside and outside of the company. We are building to support a wide variety of use cases with a high degree of engineering rigor as well as product agility. We value analysis excellence, automation and customer success and believe doing these things well will create more long-term values.
We are seeking a candidate with proven experience generate data and build reports to join our Data Team as a Data Analyst.

As a candidate, who you are:

    • General knowledge of business operations, objectives, strategies, process and information flow
    • Strong knowledge of mapping business use case to data solution.
    • Worked with varied data formats like JSON, CSV, XML, HTML, etc to extract information for the business case.
    • Predominantly implementing SQL based tools, scripts and code on Linux in a cloud based environment.
    • Excellent critical thinking skills to help solve business problems and make decisions
    • Tendency to pay close attention to small details that could impact result


    • Must have 3-5 years of experience in handling data
    • Very solid ability to use SQL and MS Excel to create pivots, reports, charts and graphs.
    • Must have strong knowledge of and experience databases (PostgreSQ/Redshift/Snowflake)
    • Must have the ability to interpret large amounts of data and to multi-task
    • Must have strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively relate data to coworkers
    • Demonstrated ability to manage time and prioritize projects to meet deadlines
    • Good to have exposure to Agile methodology
    • Good to have knowledge in Reporting Tool (Redash/Tableau/Power BI) and generating data insights

Extra Credit:

    • Strong knowledge of and experience with programming (Python), Jupyter Notebook, or Linux/Bash scripting

We’re a young and rapidly growing FinTech company - if you have ever wanted to jump on a rocket ship as it’s taking off, now is your chance!