Machine Learning Engineer

New York, NY
Who We Are: 
Ocrolus is a Series B venture-backed FinTech company that uses Artificial Intelligence and crowdsourcing to automate financial review processes. The Company transforms e-statements, scans, and cell phone images, regardless of quality, into 99+% accurate digital data. By replacing tedious, imperfect human audits with sharp, AI-driven analyses, Ocrolus modernizes financial assessments in lending and a variety of other industries.

Ocrolus has a diverse body of visual and language based tasks that could benefit from the application of modern machine learning methods. To this end, Ocrolus is looking to hire a Machine Learning Engineer to help identify where application of AI would make the most impact, and to deliver solutions in the identified areas.


    • Work with Product and Operations to understand the business, and the different problem spaces at play.
    • Identify areas where ML could achieve disproportionate lift.
    • Coordinate with Operations to describe data collection needs, and prescribe collection methodology.
    • Design solutions that employ modern ML techniques for the purpose of performing image classification, image localization/ segmentation, natural language processing, and more.
    • Deliver solutions that are highly performant and lead to a higher degree of automation across the Company.


    • BA./S. CompSci or CompEng or comparable Engineering degree.
    • 3 years of applied machine learning experience.
    • Fluency in Python.
    • Expertise in at least one modern ML framework such as Keras, TensorFlow, or PyTorch.

Why Ocrolus?

    • We’re a seasoned team of engineers and operators, that understand the value of clean high quality data gathering. You will never feel alone in the trenches during the course of your work.
    • We have a very mature data gathering operation already in place. Disseminating training materials and collection methodology is painless.
    • There is a high degree of variety in the problems that are available to tackle.
    • Our size and culture means a high degree of personal autonomy inherent in the day to day.
    • Flexibility. We’re not married to an approach, framework, or provider. We’re willing to change when provided with compelling data.

We’re a young and rapidly growing FinTech company - if you have ever wanted to jump on a rocket ship as it’s taking off, now is your chance!