Junior Revenue Platform Associate (PST/MST)

Remote (within USA)
Revenue – 270 - Sales Ops /
Full-time /
Octopus Deploy sets the standard for Continuous Delivery, empowering software teams to deliver value in an agile way. Over 4,000 organizations globally –  including Ubisoft, ASOS, Xero, monday.com, Stack Overflow, NASA, and Disney – rely on our Continuous Delivery, GitOps, and release orchestration solutions. 

Founded in Australia in 2012, our team of over 270 Octonauts now spans the globe. We combine high growth and big ambitions with a sustainable, balanced working environment. Our revenue has grown consistently between 30–50% every year for the past 8 years, and we’ve been profitable for 10 out of the past 11 years.

We’ve been remote-first since 2015 and work with an uncommon level of transparency. You can read our public handbook to learn how we work. We have a transparent approach to compensation that ensures people doing the same work with the same skill get paid the same, with well-defined career pathways. We foster a supportive, collaborative, and high-trust environment. We leave our job titles at the door and focus on doing what’s best for our customers and team. Our leaders never shy away from answering the tough questions at our all-hands calls or in 1:1s. We conduct interviews and onboarding virtually as part of being a remote-first company.

As a Junior Revenue Platform Associate at Octopus Deploy, you’ll play a key role in optimizing and maintaining our Salesforce platform to align with the Sales team's goals. Initially focused on Salesforce, you'll broaden your scope to encompass our complete revenue technology suite, working with platforms like Outreach, ZoomInfo, Zuora and LeanData. Your duties will involve working closely with various teams, crafting solutions, providing user support for our tech stack, and ensuring the smooth operation of our platform.

To help our teams work together effectively, this remote position requires you to be located in the PST/MST timezone in the United States.

What You'll Do:

    • Sales Technology Configuration and Customization: Tailor our sales technology stack, including Salesforce, to meet business needs, encompassing customizations such as object creation, field adjustments, and layout enhancements.
    • Integration Management: Oversee the seamless integration of third-party systems with our sales technology suite, optimizing their performance and functionality within our operations.
    • User Lifecycle Management: Streamline user management processes within our technology platforms, from onboarding to offboarding, ensuring smooth transitions and access management.
    • User Assistance and Training: Offer continuous support to technology users, addressing queries, resolving issues, and conducting training sessions to enhance their proficiency with the tools.
    • Data Integrity Management: Uphold data accuracy and consistency across our technology platforms, overseeing imports, eliminating duplicates, and maintaining clean records.
    • Process Streamlining and Automation: Drive efficiency through process automation initiatives, leveraging tools like Flow to streamline workflows and boost productivity.
    • Analytics and Reporting: Develop and maintain insightful reports and dashboards that offer valuable sales performance metrics and aid in data-driven decision-making processes.
    • Security and Compliance Oversight: Support and maintain robust security measures within our technology ecosystem, managing user permissions and staying up-to-date with compliance standards and updates.
    • Versatility: Seamlessly adjust to shifting business demands, fostering efficient and effective outcomes in dynamic work settings.
    • Continuous Improvement: Remain updated on industry trends and best practices, exploring new features and recommending optimizations to enhance our technology infrastructure's effectiveness.

Your Background:

    • Reside in and are authorized to work in the PST/MST time zones in the United States.
    • Demonstrate 1-2 years experience with Salesforce Administration at a SaaS company.
    • Understand of Salesforce architecture, data model, and security model.
    • Have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Are able to work collaboratively in a team environment.
    • Effectively communicate and are able to translate business requirements into technical solutions.
Octopus has an internally open and transparent system for compensation. Any Octonaut can view the compensation for any role at any level. This ensures people doing the same work with the same skill get paid the same. 

The compensation for this role is:
Level 1
Maturing: $75,000 annual + stock options

Benefits include a minimum of 25 days annual leave, up to 10 days of paid sick and carers leave, 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave with flexible return options, generous health care (100% individuals, 75% dependents), dental and vision, 401K matching, and stock options. Learn more

Interview Process
Below is the interview process you can expect for this role. We know interviewing can seem daunting, but rest assured we designed our interview process to move quickly while still getting you all the information you need.

👋🏼Initial chat [30 min]
Talent acquisition screen: Meet with your Talent Acquisition team and get a feel for what it would be like to be an Octonaut!

🧑‍💻Hiring manager chat [45–60 min]
Hiring manager chat: Designated time to chat with the hiring manager. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other. You should expect the hiring manager to ask questions about your professional background and goals. We welcome any questions you may have for us!

🎉Panel interview [60–90 min]
Final round chat: In this final round call, you meet cross-functional team members. You can expect a mix of leaders and individual contributors to join the chat. By the end of this call, you should have a great idea of what it’s like to work at Octopus. We should also have a great idea of what it would be like to have you on the team! We’ll ask any final questions and encourage you to do the same.

Our public employee handbook is the best place to learn more about life at Octopus. It includes our values, how we structure teams, career progression, leave and benefits, and much more. 

If you're enthusiastic about this position, even if you don’t meet all the criteria above, we wholeheartedly encourage you to submit your application. Our talent team is in-house, and we recognize that every individual brings something unique. We take the time to review every application and consider how you might add to the team. 

We know your time is precious. If you apply, we promise to update you at least once per week about the status of your application and to give you clear expectations for each step in the journey. 

[Note to Search Firms/Agencies]
Octopus Deploy does not compensate search firms for unsolicited assistance unless they have a written search agreement with Octopus Deploy and the requisition is position-specific. Any resumes, curriculum vitae and other unsolicited assistance from search firms that do not have a written search agreement or position-specific requisition submitted to any Associate of Octopus Deploy will be deemed the sole property of Octopus Deploy and no fee will be paid in the event the candidate is hired by Octopus Deploy.