Senior Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco, California
Omni Labs gives anyone the power to automate away all of their repetitive work inside the web browser.

There hasn't been a fundamental change in the way people access the web for 25 years. We've grown comfortable staring through a fixed window into the Internet that doesn't offer much more than saving our passwords and cookies. Imagine that you never had to do the same thing twice and could automate all of your repetitive tasks on demand. This augmented web browsing experience is the future of work.


Based in SF and backed by the valley's top investors, we're an early stage team with ambitions to fundamentally change how we leverage the Internet. We're looking for a few more talented full stack engineers to help us on our mission to automate the world's knowledge graph so no one has to do the same thing twice again.

As a core team member, you'll be responsible for:
- Working on new products and features across multiple technologies
- Weighing in on architecture and strategic product decisions 
- Helping distill high level user feedback into the product roadmap
- Critically thinking through user journey and advocating for product enhancements and optimizations
- Becoming an expert in how browsers work and Omni's automation framework
- Moving into a mentor and leadership position as we continue aggressively growing out the team
- Working with technologies like: plain js, react, redux, mongo, electron, gcp, etc. 

You have:
- 4+ years of industry experience in full stack web development
- Expertise across the js stack and a deep understanding of how the browser works
- Extreme excitement and borderline obsession for solving tough problems that haven't been solved before
- Desire to work in a collaborative environment with a tight knit team of passionate and empathetic engineers
- Humility and self-confidence to know and admit when your logic doesn't hold up
- A love for building something new without a previously determined playbook

We're helping people remove the parts of their job they hate the most. If you're someone who's obsessed with solving huge problems and wants to swing for the fences, apply below or ping us at!