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About On Deck

This is the abbreviated version. If you wish to learn more about On Deck, visit the home page of our Career Hub.

On Deck is building a modern educational institution.

We want to 10x the number of founders tackling the world's hardest problems.

We're starting by helping talented, ambitious people learn the skills and build the networks they need to start— or get in on the ground floor of the next great technology companies.

Today, our core offering is the On Deck Fellowship. ODF is a "founder MBA." An intensive 10-week program offering extensive expert-led curriculum, and building community around a group of experienced engineers, designers, operators, and repeat founders in the earliest stages of starting their next ventures.

The Opportunity

On Deck Fellows are our customers, our community, and core to everything we do: their experience and success is paramount. As Build Partner, you'll ensure that each Fellow in your cohort is engaged and deriving value from the fellowship and community.  You’ll curate, deliver, and enhance the fellowship experience for the Fellows.

Role Overview
The Experience Function is responsible for measuring and understanding the customer experience. We think a lot about who our customer is, how do we best serve them, and how we create the the platform + culture that cultivates a strong, engaged community and impactful experience. We analyze data, package up insights, and partner with Program Directors to improve their fellowships and prioritize.

Who you are:

    • You are a creative analyst. You geek out about making qualitative data quantitive, connecting seemingly disconnected dots, and finding patterns in a spreadsheet of chaos. You look for data outside of the obvious sources and know how to use data to craft a narrative.
    • You are deeply interested in communities and human behavior. You've had experience as part of a community or building communities, and you want to learn more. You see data as the framework for understanding a community, but love to dig deeper to find color through customer interviews, unusual data sources, etc.
    • You're excited to get exposure across many different subject matters, functions, and teams. You have a great instinct on how to create value, and the ability to execute it in many different environments.
    • You are experienced with google sheets, excel, and airtable. You are scrappy, quick to pick up new databases, tools, and ways of analyzing data.

What you will do:

    • You'll find, clean, structure, and analyze data from customer surveys, interviews, and platform engagement from a variety of a sources.
    • You'll execute on existing analysis processes, and also design new processes for understanding different types of qualitative and quantitive data. These processes will take spreadsheets full of words and numbers into cohesive insights and narratives that can be used by teams across the org.
    • You'll work with the Head of Experience, Program Directors, and other teammates to design experimental programming and execute on it. (Example: we recently ran an experiment to provide curated introductions for cofounders based on trends surfaced from customer data).
    • You'll take on a variety of special projects with the Head of Experience to build the foundations for the function. (Examples: setting up and managing the timeline for customer data collection across all fellowships, conducting deep dive interviews into a specific outcome like cofounder dating, deep diving into specific areas to inform a strategy like "how to re-engage alumni").

Why you might be excited about us:

    • We’re tackling a big problem with even bigger potential. Participants in our existing Fellowships say great things about us.
    • You’ll be able to work remotely and (mostly) set your own schedule. On Deck was a remote-first team even before COVID, so we know what makes for a great remote environment.
    • You'll have a lot of flexibility in your role, and will be able to help define what our operations infrastructure looks like going forward.
    • We're backed by a who’s who of the biggest names in the venture investing world, including Village Global, Marc Andreessen, Keith Rabois, Chris Dixon, Balaji Srinivasan, Bloomberg Beta, and so many more. (Read more about our fundraise and 50-year vision here.)

Why you might *not* be excited:

    • We're small (~70 people in the company now), so if you like more established companies, this role isn’t for you. You'll help create our company's culture.
    • We're an early stage startup. Projects and priorities are likely to shift.
    • Everyone on the team is extremely mission-driven, and works incredibly hard to push towards our lofty ambitions. Most people won’t be cut out for it.
    • You should be comfortable with just a dash of chaos. This is not the kind of job where you show up and we tell you exactly what to do every day.
    • On Deck is an unabashedly pro-startup, pro-tech organization. If that’s not your thing, this isn’t the place for you.
This opportunity comes with a competitive salary, plus employee benefits including generous healthcare, PTO, and a health and wellness package.

Our team works remotely, and we are excited about candidates globally.  Please note that our team works on GMT-7 PST-friendly hours, so your location will affect your work hours. You would start as soon as possible.