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TL;DR: Fast-growing early-stage startup seeking operations generalist. In doing so, we’ll empower the most ambitious people in the world to build the future. Details below!

This role is open to a wide range of experience levels.

About On Deck
On Deck is the #1 place globally for people starting something new.
Start a startup.
Start an angel portfolio.
Start a podcast.
Start a new career.
Start something.

There is an age old saying: "Talent is distributed equally worldwide, access is not" – we are changing this.

We combine the best possible network worldwide and focused education for people with ambition.

You can think of us almost like Silicon Valley in the Cloud, or if a digitally native Stanford for adults were built in 2020.

The Opportunity
Punchline: We're looking for all-star operations generalists to help our Program Directors launch our new Fellowship programs, and take them from 0 to 1.

We recommend you watch this video to understand more about the role.
You may have seen, we're launching a lot of new Fellowship programs! :) Each one becomes a critical piece of the interweaving flywheel of products we're building at On Deck.

When considering launching new programs, we ask ourselves: does this make the broader On Deck ecosystem stronger, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts?

For every program we've launched thus far, we see the potential for it to become a multi-million dollar business line.
We're looking for operations generalists to help our Program Directors launch these programs, and bring it from 0 to 1.

Role Overview
This role will begin with a training rotation on our Launch Team.

The Launch Team exists to help Program Directors go from T-6 weeks prior to kickoff, through T+2 weeks after. They add operational bandwidth, institutional knowledge and best practices, accountability to stay on track, and are heavily involved in onboarding new fellows and planning the fellowship kickoff events. Here, you'd work most closely with Brandon Taleisnik, Nancy Xu, Regina Gerbeaux, and our Program Directors.

We start you here since it's the best place to learn the ropes and get quickly oriented on: how On Deck runs as a company, how we run our programs, our operational systems, and more. The Launch Team collaborates cross-functionally with practically every corner of the org, which provides high surface area exposure for new hires.

Once you're up-to-speed, the most likely path is you'll get paired up with a Program Director, and join as the first hire on that team to be their right-hand in bringing the program to life. Every team/program is a bit different, but you can expect to do a bit of everything: event hosting, communications, logistics, build no-code infrastructure/automations, feedback collection + experiments, booking guest speakers, interacting with the Fellows, etc. You'll be a true generalist, doing whatever it takes to successfully get this new program off the ground.

As examples of some of the programs you might work with, a few recent launches include On Deck No-Code, On Deck Podcasters, On Deck Climate Tech, and more (check beondeck.com/labs for the current list).

This is an incredibly exciting role, with lots of opportunities to learn, get your hands dirty, take on lots of responsibility from day 1, and bring something from a mere concept into a full-fledged profitable business unit.

The team is growing extremely fast, so you'll get an inside seat at a company in rapid scaling mode.

As such, we're also looking to hire for these roles ASAP. If you're ready to move fast, so are we. Let's chat.

Who you are:

    • Natural community-builder – understands the long-game, and how to cultivate positive-sum value
    • High output, execution, and hustle – an ability to own all operations, and an eagerness to dive into the nitty-gritty
    • Interest in learning and working in our no-code infrastructure
    • Thrives in a fast-paced, often scrappy, sometimes chaotic environment
    • Comfortable in ambiguity, where you'll often need to write the playbook, rather than follow an existing one. Helpful if have experience taking projects from 0 to 1.
    • Has a strong "spirit of service", where you think first how you can give, rather than take, and always seeking opportunities to support the team and Fellows to the max of your ability
    • Meticulously detail-oriented and organized – able to juggle many priorities while not dropping any balls
    • Has great interpersonal skills, and enjoys building new relationships
    • Comfortable in customer-facing roles
    • Embrace the generalist mindset: doing whatever it takes to successfully go 0 to 1 and get new programs off the ground.
    • Has strong communication skills - verbal, written and presentation
    • Affinity for creating process, structure, and documentation

What you will do:

    • Execute on operations for program kick-off: from logistics, to communications, to onboarding, to event management. Juggling all of this will require strong attention to detail and organization skills
    • Involved in a mix of event hosting, communications, logistics, feedback collection + experiments, booking guest speakers, interacting with the Fellows, etc.
    • You'll work within our no-code stack to set up automations, infrastructure, and landing pages for new programs (we'll help you learn, if you aren't already familiar)
    • Assist Program Director in coordinating with the tech ecosystem at large to provide world-class programming and mentorship – building relationships with fellows, guest speakers, event partners, and more.
    • Sweat the small stuff — ensuring we give fellows & speakers a highly professional experience with every last detail prepared, from warm intro email to thank you message
    • Design and launch new experimental offerings based on feedback and your own ideas
    • Creating the conditions such that each Program Director is set up to create incredible new Fellowships, while also ensuring Fellows have a mind-blowing experience, unlike any other community they've ever been part of.

What might excite you about us:

    • We’re tackling a big problem with even bigger potential. Participants in our existing Fellowships say great things about us.
    • You’ll be able to work remotely and (mostly) set your own schedule. On Deck was a remote-first team even before COVID, so we know what makes for a great remote environment.
    • You'll have a lot of flexibility in your role, and will be able to help define what our operations infrastructure looks like going forward.
    • We're backed by a who’s who of the biggest names in the venture investing world, including Village Global, Marc Andreessen, Keith Rabois, Chris Dixon, Balaji Srinivasan, Bloomberg Beta, and so many more. (Read more about our fundraise and 50-year vision here.)

Why you might *not* be excited about us:

    • We're small (~70 people in the company now), so if you like more established companies, this role isn’t for you. You'll help create our company's culture.
    • We're an early stage startup. Projects and priorities are likely to shift.
    • Everyone on the team is extremely mission-driven, and works incredibly hard to push towards our lofty ambitions. Most people won’t be cut out for it.
    • You should be comfortable with just a dash of chaos. This is not the kind of job where you show up and we tell you exactly what to do every day.
    • On Deck is an unabashedly pro-startup, pro-tech organization. If that’s not your thing, this isn’t the place for you.
This role comes with a competitive salary, stock options, and employee benefits including generous healthcare.

Our team works remotely, but you will have to be available to work on U.S-friendly hours, which may be difficult from Europe or Asia.