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TL;DR: We're looking for operators with deep domain expertise to join the On Deck Team and bring new fellowships to life. This is a general posting for an array of senior-level roles to spin up new fellowships, with the potential to grow into a General Manager role. Details below!

About On Deck
On Deck is building a modern education institution: a platform serving the many strands of identity of ambitious people who want to change the world. 

We started with the On Deck Founder Fellowship (ODF), an intensive 10-week program that helps talented, ambitious people gain the network and skills needed to build the next generation of great technology companies. We want to 10x the number of founders building world changing companies. 

Then we launched the On Deck Angel Fellowship (ODA) to turn world-class operators into the next great angel investors, investing and supporting this next wave of founders. 

Recently, we launched the On Deck Writer Fellowship (ODW) to help groups of enterprising writers grow their audience and hone their craft, while connecting them with a lifelong community of creative, collaborative peers. 

And we’re not stopping there. To be "on deck" is to aspire to starting something new. 

Start a company.
Start an angel portfolio.
Start a newsletter, podcast, media empire.
Start a new career.
Start something.

On Deck is becoming the go-to play for ambitious people to change the world. 

You can think of us almost like Silicon Valley in the Cloud, or if a digitally native Stanford for adults were built in 2020. 

Now, we’re looking to launch multiple new fellowships around startups, emerging verticals, tech functions, the passion economy, and more. Check out the full list here. We'll work with ambitious people and connect them with a lifelong community of creative, collaborative peers.

Role Overview

We’ve recently announced On Deck Labs (“OD[x]”): a sandbox for experiments in the future of education. We’re putting a call out for world leading experts, community builders, and knowledge influencers: come join us! Co-develop fellowships and courses across a broad range of subjects — helping curated groups of passionate learners and builders level up in life and start something new.

We’re looking for people to lead these programs. Like mini “CEOs” of independent groups, Program Directors (“PD”) will incubate fellowships in a number of new verticals. As a PD, you’ll have a high degree of autonomy while being able to leverage support across our internal talent, product, ops, and education teams.

You’ll own an independent P&L, help define program values, curate and sign-off on applications, and be compensated generously as the community grows.

An On Deck Program Director runs the show: spearheading efforts across applications, program design, fellow experience, and program execution.

The ideal candidate for this role has experience in the associated space, is equal parts visionary & executor, and has a passion for community.

On Deck is a scrappy startup, so you’ll have lots of autonomy over your work. Additionally, as a Program Director, you’ll be responsible for taking this new program from 0 to 1, influencing the end-to-end product and experience.

What You'll Do

    • You'll lead the application process: creating screening criteria, interviewing candidates, choosing offers, and closing candidates.
    • You'll manage all Fellowship programming — planning, hosting, and designing events across the cohort.
    • Coordinating with the ecosystem of the topic of the program at hand at large to provide world-class programming and mentorship – building relationships with founders, investors, sponsors, and others across the On Deck Global community.
    • Design and launch new experimental offerings based on fellow feedback and your own ideas.
    • Sweating the small stuff — ensuring we give fellows & speakers a highly professional experience with every last detail prepared, from warm intro email to thank you message.
    • Designing the conditions so that each batch, in addition to our network at large, becomes a self-organizing community with the purpose of supporting each person’s journey through technology and entrepreneurship.
    • You’ll build hundreds of new relationships, connections, and an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind connecting top talent from around the world.
    • Ultimately, ensuring fellows have a mind-blowing experience unlike any other community they've ever been part of
    • You'll be the go-to point of contact for all Fellows, and will be our eyes and ears on-the-ground building strong relationships with each Fellow.
    • The people we hire into this senior-level role for each program have the potential to become General Managers.

Who You Are

    • Natural community-builder – understands the long-game, and how to cultivate positive-sum value
    • Has a strong "spirit of service", where you think first how you can give, rather than take, and always seeking opportunities to support Fellows to the max of your ability.
    • Meticulously detail-oriented and organized – able to juggle many priorities while not dropping any balls.
    • High output, execution, and hustle – an ability to own everything from operations to experience to education, and an eagerness to dive into the nitty gritty.
    • Has great interpersonal skills, charisma, and enjoys building new relationships
    • Has strong communication skills - verbal, written and presentation
    • Thrives in a fast-paced, often scrappy, sometimes chaotic environment

Why You Might Be Excited About Us

    • We’re tackling a big problem with even bigger potential. Participants in our existing Fellowships say great things about us.
    • You’ll be able to work remotely and (mostly) set your own schedule. On Deck was a remote-first team even before Covid, so we know what makes for a great remote environment.
    • You'll have a lot of flexibility in your role, and will be able to help define the vision of what this program looks like going forward.
    • We're backed by a who’s who of the biggest names in the venture investing world, including Village Global, Marc Andreessen, Keith Rabois, Chris Dixon, Balaji Srinivasan, Bloomberg Beta, and so many more. (Read more about our fundraise and 50-year vision here.)

Why You Might *Not* Be Excited About Us

    • We're small (~20 people in the company now), so if you like more established companies, this role isn’t for you. You'll help create our company's culture.
    • We're an early stage startup, and on top of that, you'll be taking a program from zero to one—so it’s like a startup within a startup. Projects and priorities are likely to shift.
    • You should be comfortable with just a dash of chaos.
    • While each program accepts and encourages people who create content about all kinds of topics (not just tech and business) from all kinds of viewpoints, On Deck is an unabashedly pro-startup, pro-tech organization. If that’s not your thing, this isn’t the place for you.
This role comes with a competitive salary, stock options, plus employee benefits including generous healthcare.

Our team works remotely, but you will have to be available to work on U.S.-friendly hours, which may be difficult from Europe or Asia.