Onerent Handyman Contractor - 3rd Party Network

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Be a part of Onerent’s trusted 3rd party network of service providers.

Are you any of the following?
- a licensed general contractor
- an independent handyman
- a small company that provides handyman services

If yes, Onerent is looking for YOU!!!

Onerent is a full service real estate prop-tech start up, and we specialize in property management. We facilitate a high volume of work orders in hundreds of cities all over the West Coast.
We utilize a tight knit network of quality 3rd party service providers to supplement our Onerent Home Services team.

Here are additional details:
- We are looking for service providers who can give clear written assessments for estimates.
- Invoices must be submitted with complete description of what was done and clear breakdown of the charge.
- You must be able to send before and after photos of the work.
- Payments will be electronically transferred.

Required to start:
- W9
- Proof of insurance (handyman)
- Proof of active license (general contractor)
- You must agree to the Onerent srvice agreement.

** Are you interested in helping us on any of our task based services - walkthroughs, showings, posting notices, etc.? Be sure to let us know on the questionnaire if you are.
About Onerent
Combining the power of automation and careful human touch, Onerent provides a hassle-free rental service to modern renters and homeowners. Its integrated platform and boots-on-the-ground approach allow the Onerent team to provide on-demand showings, instant renter screening, AI-powered rental performance data, proactive maintenance recommendations, autonomous move-ins, guaranteed rent payouts, and 24/7 support.  With teams currently in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, managing over $1 billion in assets.