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We are looking for task-based FIELDERS! Come join us as we offer a CONTACTLESS Property Management service. 

With Covid-19 happening, we saw how it took toll and how it continues to greatly affect a huge part of our working population. While industries and businesses are downsizing and are closing down, ONERENT is offering this OPPORTUNITY

Onerent is a Real Estate Prop Tech Start Up who specializes in full service management. Onerent is expanding and is looking to hire Independent Contractors in our new markets!! Looking to get experience in Real Estate and Property Management? This might just be the right thing for you!! Looking to make some extra cash on the weekends, during your down time? After work? Onerent is looking for you!! Apply Today!!  

What is Onerent?
Onerent is a Silicon Valley-based start-up looking for motivated and flexible applicants with a high aptitude for critical thinking. We are a property leasing and management company that utilizes forward-thinking technology to revolutionize the rental process for tenants and landlords. We have placed thousands of tenants, and our portfolio includes thousands of properties all over the West Coast. We’re looking for Our New Onerent Fielders!! People who are available, reliable, and excited to work with a start-up.

In the Fielder contract position, you control your own schedule. We send you notifications for new tasks and you can accept or decline them based on your availability.

You can earn as much as your schedule and availability will allow!
Pay is on a per-task basis starting at $20, Paid Weekly.
Additional Income Available - Referral Program & Monthly Performance Incentives. 

 Tasks may include but not limited to: 

-Posting Notices
-Installing “For Rent Sign”
-Installing Smart Lockboxes 
-Health and Safety Inspection (30 Minutes)
-Leasing only Property Walkthrough (30-45 minutes)
-Move-In Inspection (30-45 minutes)
-Move Out inspections (up to 1Hour)
-Take 3D scans/ Marketing Photos
-Meeting an owner to hand over keys
-In some cases, conduct a showing
-Retrieve lockboxes/ For Rent signs from rented out properties
-Other Miscellaneous

** Online and paid in person training will be provided for all of the above. 

Tasks are offered on a first come first serve basis, but you can be prioritized if your daily availability/ Check in, is provided. 

Onerent Fielder Should be:

    • Professional at all times.
    • Team Player
    • Provide excellent customer service.
    • Be dependable / reliable.
    • Honest and Kind
    • Be able to think quickly and provide information.
    • Have a flexible schedule.
    • Have a great attitude.
    • Be Onerent’s Eyes and Ears
    • A great communicator 
    • $$$ Hungry!!!


    • Must have a smartphone.
    • Must be 18 or older.
    • Drivers License (Unless contractor uses Public transportation)
    • Must pass a criminal background check.
    • Must be flexible, reliable and dependable.
    • No priority experience needed, but Task based work and Contractor experience is a plus.
About Onerent
Combining the power of automation and careful human touch, Onerent provides a hassle-free rental service to modern renters and homeowners. Its integrated platform and boots-on-the-ground approach allow the Onerent team to provide on-demand showings, instant renter screening, AI-powered rental performance data, proactive maintenance recommendations, autonomous move-ins, guaranteed rent payouts, and 24/7 support.  With teams currently in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, managing over $1 billion in assets.